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23andme review asian dating


This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. The results were wrong! To start with, I waited for 2 months after sending the sample which I had no idea that the processing time would be so long.

First of all I have Asian ancestry but they told me that there was none, secondable I have a family in France that emigrated 20 years ago but are not French at all! Then the health report was exactly opposite from the 23andme review asian dating There were many more that were just wrong.

Didn't know 23andme review asian dating sure where my heritage stemmed from. On top of it all you would need to pay more in order to get sucked down this rabbit hole of a scam Companies should be punished for such ill business ethics What are the best paths for retrieving monetary loss due to preceptive advertisement?

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No one called, or e-mailed me, or sent an additional kit as promised in their advertisement. Buy the way don't waste your money on the medical testing. I had several family members that took the 23andMe test, on both sides of my family.

When I got my results, I was provided a 42 page list of people that shared my DNA, somehow, nobody in my family was on that list though. Not only that, but the information they gave me could have lined up on my mother's side but nothing on my father's side. Makes me wonder, is this a money making scam? I've been told 23andme review asian dating entire life about the heavy Cherokee Indian ancestry on my dad's side. They said 1 percent.

I also look just like my dad. So, no it isn't possible that he's not my dad.

For East Asians, the best...

And finally, like everyone else on here has said, there is a long wait time for results and when you do get your results they are hard to interpret and keep asking you to spend more money to find out more information.

When I received my kit, I noticed a liquid in the funnel. I read the instructions thoroughly and found no indication there should be that liquid. I tossed the liquid. Not only was it already in there -- again, there is absolutely nothing in the instruction manual that indicates what it is, or that it even exists.

Compromised the whole sample. Waiting for new box in the mail -- then I will make sure to call the agent to walk me through it.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. It's been a year since I received my results from 23andMe, I really am a mutt, but the results are not clear. For my 48th birthday I mailed my spit in On I had my results and in my results was all the answers I was looking for!

I 23andme review asian dating able to find my biological father within 4 hours of receiving my results! He unfortunately had passed 3 years before but he has another daughter who I was able to be on the phone with within 6 23andme review asian dating of getting my results.

So I highly recommend this company! I know I did, I filled the tube just above the line.

Same issue as these other reviews, I guess I was lucky enough to even get a refund. We submitted my wife and I two 2 samples to run DNA test. I strongly believe this place is a scam. This is going on two months and they will not refund or monies. We have sent in samples twice and they keep stating there was not enough saliva which is not true. I asked for refund and they stated I went over 30 days so no refund.

Before "23andme review asian dating" fall for this make believe mumbo jumbo reconsider 23andme review asian dating a scam this is. Lengthy wait time for results which would be ok if they were meaningful or understandable.

After you spend 20 minutes trying to find a phone number you get someone who spends their day listening to complaints and reading from a script. That is after the website won't accept your password necessitating a frustrating phone call with someone whose second language is barely passable English. The website will pitch you on buying more of this crap early and often. Give the money to charity and consider it better spent.

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