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Now we know where we are, the first Flemish word to learn is frietjes. The refills are free. Flemish people kiss each other on the cheek. But there are subtleties. Instead, they go for a handshake. Generally the Gentenaars speak fantastic English, French Gent girls often German unlike English, it is an official language.

This is especially true for occupations like the police, city administrators, the people who come and install your Wifi etc. So it really is a good idea to learn at least some Dutch if you can before or as soon as you arrive. Bar and restaurant staff more used to dealing with tourists are prime examples.

Of course it depends where you are coming from. Belgians tend to be quite held back and it can take a little time to get to know Gent girls well.

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The trick is to not run out of milk or coffee on a Sunday of course, but if you do then there Gent girls a couple of useful shops to know about.

Delhaize on Kouter square is open Sundays 8am-8pm.

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Small Carrefours in the town centre also open Sunday mornings, and the one on Nederkouter opens until 8pm on Sunday but is closed on Saturdays. Road works are a popular topic of conversation in Ghent. From Gent girls day to the next roads can be closed to traffic.

Be prepared for things like getting an ID cardopening a bank account or getting something repaired to take weeks to months rather than days.

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Especially in August, when the city pretty much shuts down for the summer. Things can move very slowly, with various forms to fill in and documents to be presented Gent girls every step of the way. Most things still need to be done face Gent girls face with a pre-booked appointment rather than by email or over the phone.

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