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Sexual harassment charges against doctors


This research intends to discuss sexual harassment within the doctor-patient relationship based on four parameters: It is a descriptive, quantitative approach using a retrospective documental analysis. Studied subjects were doctors who were allegedly engaged in sexual harassment. For this type of sexual abuse, there was Sexual harassment charges against doctors prevalence of male professionals The mean age of the accused was The intrinsic difficulty of understanding sexual harassment by a professional constrained ethical evaluation of the cases, with When the cases were recognized as proceeding, they were either filed The incidence of sexual abuse by professionals was independent of education, as the accused professionals came from a large variety of medical colleges, without significant differences related to institution.

The predominance of accusations against older professionals may occur due to the frail personality structure that allows professional acting out.


Objective evidence is very important in ethical evaluations compared to psychological and subjective evidence. The doctor-patient relationship presupposes confidentiality, privacy, and autonomy while also considering human diversity, customs and beliefs.

It is necessary to recognize the limits of medical science along with the limits of human relationships and to respect the freedom of choice and decision-making of both parties in the relationship. Throughout the years, medical science and technological advances have transformed the doctor-patient relationship into an exaggerated rationalization that underestimates psychological, social, and cultural aspects.

Since the time of Hippocrates, a sexual relationship between doctor and patient has been prohibited as there is dysfunctionality in this asymmetric relationship, which has been labeled as polymorphic incest. A sexual relationship between doctor and patient is forbidden in several countries by ethical code. These data show the importance of the theme of sexual abuse within the doctor-patient relationship, which has important social consequences and of the professionals in this council who are sued, thus is a matter of public health.

Nevertheless, this type of abuse can cause a loss of confidence in the doctor-patient relationship. Most accusers withdraw their accusations, providing evidence of human fragility. It is clear that psychic maturation aids in the perception of such human conflict, allowing the doctor to act ethically. This can happen by appropriation of moral limits, which impose an external authority and provide a structure through Sexual harassment charges against doctors the subject can deal with sexual desires.

It is recognized that judicial decisions concerning sexual abuse are not sufficient since the complexity of the concept of human sexuality and its limits must be Sexual harassment charges against doctors by the area of health.

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Ethical discussions about this phenomenon are scarce. This paper aims to analyze sexual assault between of patient by doctor, emphasizing the characteristics of the accused doctor, peculiarities of the abused party, and the ways in which such factors influence the ethical and moral evaluations of the class council. In order to analyze sexuality from a bioethical viewpoint, it is impossible to ignore the evolution of sexual context and sexual ethics throughout history.

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