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Homosexual american presidents


In fact, many of these presidents served before the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

Even today, many Americans would be taken aback to see a gay or lesbian couple — or even a gay bachelor — in the modern White House. Nonetheless, Americans have long talked about which presidents might have been gay or bisexual at least behind closed doors. Read on to learn about the most interesting rumors — some of which seem more plausible than others. But some think George Washington could have been gay or bisexual.

As the publication reports, historians also have a problematic habit of assuming everyone in the past was straight, unless proven otherwise. But traditionally, historians have regarded his marriage to her as suspect not Homosexual american presidents of his sexuality, but because of the fortune she owned in stocks, bonds, land, and slaves.

As The Daily Beast reports, Washington was a freemason. Homosexual american presidents New Yorker columnist sardonically refers to Thomas Jefferson as the first gay president. Jefferson was a foodie and a wine connoisseur.

To mark Presidents' Day, we...

He became obsessive about the furnishings and decor at Monticello. Jefferson never remarried after he became a widower. He also dyed his hair and stayed slender despite his gourmet tendencies. Plus, he had a lisp and loved Paris. "Homosexual american presidents"

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