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On Saturday, July 7 from 9 a. Scalia gave talks on poverty, chastity and obedience the three evangelical counsels of the consecrated lifeand how they exist analogously in marriage. These vows are, of course, typically made by religious in community, though they are present in an analogous way in marriage. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, Fr paul scalia tablet.

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It's a fact there is no shortage of food in the United States, and yet there are millions of people one pay check away from hunger. Hear how one ministry is feeding more than a million people right here in Northern Virginia in this interview with Vince Cannava, Director of the St.

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InCatholic Charities opened a free medical clinic with just a handful of volunteer doctors. A year later, it has "Fr paul scalia" than ! Fr paul scalia about the variety of medical services this clinic offers, and how it plans to expand in the near future.

After a natural disaster, mobile response units deliver basic necessities to victims. But when that same mobile response unit arrives in a rural Virginia town during the week, the need seems just as great. During a marriage retreat, Father Paul Scalia says obedience is important in a marriage, but not in the way you might think.

Paul Scalia, Episcopal Vica Have you ever tried to help someone, but end up carrying the load for them? Michael Horne shows us how to help someone help themselves.

Father Paul Scalia's new book...

Imagine losing your job and getting an Fr paul scalia notice — all in the same Fr paul scalia. She runs the emergency assistance program for Catholic Charities. During a marriage retreat, Father Paul Scalia speaks of chastity as the fulfillment of human sexuality. Hear why he says that, although chastity may seem out of place in the world, the chaste love of husband and wife is a sign of eternal hope for all of us.

Visiting a friend or relative in the hospital can be a worrisome experience, especially if that friend or relative is dying. Stefan Starzynski, a hospital chaplain, explains. They risk persecution in their own country because they help our military overseas.

Now, these refugees are "Fr paul scalia" in the states. Find out what Catholic Charities is doing to resettle them. Searby is able to reach so many students.

Searby's podcast, "Holiness for the Working Day," on his website at fathersearby. Find out why Fr paul scalia is not true — and find out what parents can do when they're faced with a child experiencing gender confusion. Marcus and Dianne share their beautiful love story, from Marcus' powerful conversion from a life of promiscuity, to how the couple shared their "first kiss" at the altar on their wedding day. Watch this Fr paul scalia on YouTube: Sister of Life Grace Dominic reminds us that a woman who is loved by Jesus can do anything.

Billy Atwell was a healthy year-old football player diagnosed with testicular cancer, with a softball-sized tumor behind his kidney, and told he would never have children. Today, he has three biological children and a powerful story of suffering and healing, faith and doubt.

This Religious Freedom Week, from Junewe recognize that religious freedom is a cherished right, and yet it is constantly challenged. Today, hear from the executive director of a Washington D. Now, he is a candidate for sainthood.

Hear about how one public relations professional was inspired to write a book about him. We used to protect our kids from sexual predators getting into our homes. But now, sexual predators are getting into their phones.

Studies average that a child's first exposure to pornography is six years old.

Paul Scalia was a teenager...

It doesn't involve getting rid of your kid's cell phone. If you could be anywhere right now - where would it be?

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Most likely your answer is somewhere else, and doing something else. He also breaks down the marks of a Catholic man. Did you know Fr paul scalia average American will spend 5 years of his or her life using social media? Sure, it's fun, but also dangerous.

We thank all who support this critical appeal and ministries it funds. Her son made national news when he was brutally and publ He spent 8 years living among some of the poorest people in the world — without knowing their language. How Father Patrick Posey, traveling by mule, was able to vaccinate hundreds of villagers and share the Gospel in the Dominican Republic.

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Father Paul Scalia, speaking at...

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It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support. Father Paul Scalia made national headlines in when he delivered the homily at his father's funeral. Instead of eulogizing the late Supreme. Note: At the College's Commencement exercises, Rev. Paul Scalia, Episcopal Vicar for Clergy in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. Father Paul Scalia's new book 'That Nothing May Be Lost' looks at the Fr paul scalia of the Church in preserving the message of Christ.