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Real world cancun cj hookups

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The 22nd season of 'The...

I think we also said he played sports. This might be a bit interesting I don't care about football, lol. I just don't think we have heard much about CJ. Did they all come into this attached? There better be some hook-ups. Hahahahaha, well thats all I have found of him. He seems to be an awesome player though! I love to have fun and crack jokes!

The Real World: Cancun is...

I love to Dance! I played my collegiate football at The University of Massachusetts Amherst. His ex girl was more black looking and had frizzy hair sort of like Rachel True in the Craft. Anyway his birthday is also in November. November 12, to be exact according to a scouting site.

So I see that this year's roommates have aspirations of their own, huh? I Real world cancun cj hookups Ayiiia being a model and now Christian an actor. I wonder if he is the oldest in the house.

He is the one roomate we haven't really heard anything about. Maybe he's quiet or the laid back one in the house. May 11, - 1: For a second I thought Emilee was the oldest but it just may be CJ.

And why do I get an MJ vibe from him? Ayiiia is 20 or 21 I believe. CJ is definitely the oldest in the house.

Real World Cancun: Christian "CJ"...

I think it's the hair. I liked him on his season but now I just get the "old man" vibe from MJ anymore.

CJ is much better looking than MJ. Everyone is good looking this season. I liked him on his season but noq I just get the "old man" vibe from MJ anymore.

I don't think we had all cast members look good before. Brooklyn's cast looked hella good together. Well okay, when MJ was on his season, not now. Ayiiia also reminds me of Johanna.

You guys say he reminds you of MJ, but he reminds me of Scott from Brooklynn in that photo with the girlfriend? May 11, - 2: MJ because of the curly hair, but I think he looks a little like Scott.

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May 21, - CJ looks really hot with his hair grown out. I didn't recognize him at first. June 25, - Did some of the posts here get deleted? I think we had a photo of his gf here before. Was it Danielle or another girl? Dumb move messing that one up, CJ! July 31, - 8: Those inside lip tattoes are so ridiculous, but interesting that he got it.

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