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Secret screen


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Clutch system limits how fast...

Scroll to the bottom to get the skinny. Remember the Konami code Secret screen got you 30 lives in Contra and other stuff in other games? It might not be as exciting, but it could be more useful depending upon your priorities. I was having a lot of frustration with the Roku in our kitchen dropping signal.

Unfortunately none of these let you change the four dedicated content provider buttons at the Secret screen of the remote, but the WiFi Secret Screen is extremely useful. This allows you to move around your Roku to optimize your reception.

Secret Screen official website: Pull-down...

The updated secret screen shown above is actually a lot more robust there are more options, settings, and measurements than the one Richard posted in his video from August 24, This leads me to believe that Roku will be supporting and updating this feature into the future. I can navigate through the menus and optimize my Roku TV's performance, but once the TV is shut off, the settings, specifically the Wireless, revert to "Secret screen" defaults.

Any suggestions on how Secret screen save and make the changes permanent? Used your code, but apparently it does not work on the Roku 3 - just takes you to Themes.

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Any updates on this issue? Your code does not work with Roku 3. Do you have Secret screen alternatives you've found for this unit? The temperature is causing it to lose Internet connectivity and I have to keep unplugging the unit to let it cool.

And Roku CS is a joke.

Secret Screen official website: Pull-down...

For those that don't speak spanish What he said was press HOME 5 times, then fwd, pause, rew, pause, and fwd. Works on my Roku ultra anyway. From the Home screen press… Home x5 press home button five times FF not the pad arrow Down on the arrow pad RW not the pad arrow Down on the arrow pad FF not the pad arrow "Secret screen" was having a Secret screen of frustration with the Roku in our kitchen dropping signal.

This page also has Resets, Interference, Radios, and Power, so you can optimize your settings. Obviously your settings will depend upon your specific situation. Posted by The Invisible at Newer Post Older Post Home. 7 reviews of Secret Screen "Decided to try it on one door.

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