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For decades, dentists relied almost exclusively on reputation and word of mouth marketing to help them build their practice.

Just like any other industry, there are ways to better attract, retain and ultimately market to your patients. Social media marketing for dentists is still in the early roots of adoption, but more dental practices are seeing the power of being active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Dentists are in a bit of different position than many other industries. Everyone knows they need to visit the dentist. The challenges most dentists face are simply getting people to remember to schedule their appointments, and helping them overcome the fear and anxiety associated with dental visits.

You should take the time to switch your toothbrush every 3 months to be sure it is working properly! When was the last time you changed yours? A post shared by Jacaranda Smiles jacarandasmilesfl on Apr 30, at 8: Social media marketing is the ultimate way to build relationships with your audience. For a dentist that means convincing Aspen dental management inc linkedin patients that you can deliver a pain-free experience.

Use social media to help patients feel more comfortable before they even visit your office. Remove some of the stigma around going to the dentist through fun and light hearted social content. By giving your practice an interesting personality, you Aspen dental management inc linkedin that people look forward to seeing you.

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Social media gives you the platform you need to connect with your patients. For dentists in both big and small cities, advertising is a bread and butter tactic to gain new customers. However, how much of this time and effort are you spending on social media?

If you need more convincing, Facebook ad revenue is expected to outpace print ads by Here are just some of the ways social media benefits dentists:. Many people consider going to the dentist to be a nerve-wracking experience.

In Aspen dental management inc linkedin some people are so scared that they avoid going to their appointments. Fortunately, social provides you the chance to create relationships with your audience through customer testimonials, client experiences, friendly office images and most importantly, the results of your work.

For instance, when it comes to relationship building, responding to a question through social media about dental care demonstrates your effort of care and knowledge.

People take their healthcare decisions very seriously—and a lot of folks turn to Google for help. More than half of people use search engines to find a dentist. At Collins Bay Dental, we think that prevention is key in maintaining a healthy smile and proper dental hygiene. Book your appointment with us today! By writing articles, posting videos and sharing information that demonstrates your expertise, you can begin to show off thought leadership.

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For example, Aspen dental management inc linkedin Dental uses social media to build trust through showcasing experience and professionalism by sharing industry content. Proper OralCare prevents cavities and plaque build-up, eliminates bad breath and stops gum disease. Maintaining proper dental hygiene can prevent serious medical problems and help you keep your teeth healthy for life: There are several platforms out there and each one has the power to attract new patients.

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However, some social channels naturally work better for dentists than others. Facebook attracts billions of visitors every day, which makes this platform one of the broadest networks for dentists. However, through Facebook advertisingyou have the chance to dive deep into customer personas and audience types.

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Use Facebook to build deep and trusting relationships with your audience by trying a few of these options:. Because dentists often rely on the visual impact of their work to attract patients, channels with a focus on imagery and video are often an obvious choice. YouTube is a great way for dentists to expand the trust-building content they share on social media with:.

Educational and entertaining information in video form Aspen dental management inc linkedin help to build trust with your target audience.

Twitter is another fantastic channel for dentists on social media. Like Facebook, it appeals to a broad collection of customers. The difference is that the messages you share will be Aspen dental management inc linkedin compact and refined. Twitter is about engaging with clients quickly and it also helps you to attract attention using branded hashtags.

Ways to use Twitter for your dental ads include:. Instagram is the ultimate way to demonstrate the confidence-boosting visual side of your practice, particularly if you focus on cosmetic dentistry. The aim should be to appear as professional and authentic as possible. Some things dentists on Instagram might take advantage of include:. The team treated 36 veteran patients and chose Mr. He'll have a brand new smile just in time for his 50th high school reunion this summer!

A post shared by Life at Aspen Dental lifeataspendental on Mar 8, at 4: Start by considering your USP unique selling pointwhat you can offer to your customers and the kinds of clients you want to attract.

Building user personas will help you figure out not just where you should launch your social media campaign, but what kind of content you should share. Since social media marketing is all about building close relationships with your patients, it makes sense to tap into Aspen dental management inc linkedin impact of the people they interact with most—your staff.

Your team members live in the same communities as your prospective patients, they love your practice and know how to reach out to your followers.

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