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Marriage in poland


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The records at the registry office will indicate the marriage is still registered until the status is changed through either registration of divorce or death involving the couple.

The application for entry Marriage in poland a foreign marriage certificate PDF. The application for entry of a foreign marriage certificate RTF. This statement can only be submitted in the presence of the Head of a registrar's office in Poland or in the presence of the Consul abroad. When a Polish citizen gets married in a foreign registry office, he or she must submit a statement regarding his or her surname, together with an application requesting that the marriage certificate be recorded in the Polish register of marriages.

If the marriage was between two Polish citizens, they should also submit a statement regarding the surname of any children born in the marriage.

Foreign marriage certificates, including those issued by the authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland, frequently do not contain all the information required to make a decision and issue copies of the Polish civil registration document. People who have been married previously must submit Polish documents showing that the previous marriage has ended. For example, a previous marriage certificate and a valid Judgment made by the Polish court in regard to the divorce or annulment of the marriage, or a marriage certificate with a note about the divorce or a death certificate of the previous spouse.

Registration documents issued by third Marriage in poland can be done only by Polish Consul in the country where "Marriage in poland" was issued or directly in registry office in Poland. Create Procedure for Poland. Retrieved from " http: Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

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