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Night game pua

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Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly:. Advanced Guide to Night game pua Game! Wed Jan 30, 6: A good while back around June I posted a series of articles called "The Nightgame Blueprint" which can be found here: The following guide is a quick primer on more advanced club game and I highly suggest you read "The Nightgame Blueprint" first and get good at it before attempting the following method.

I wont Night game pua things such as approach invites or many details on simple tactics such as opening. This is the advanced guide and as such I expect you to already know basics.

Advanced Guide to Night Game This guide will lay out how to get extremely quick pulls from night game venues.

The best type of venue to run this style of game in is medium to large size dance clubs. The following is a quick primer on how its done: Learn how to dress wearing clothes that fit, matches up with your skin tone, and makes you look more fit and then add a sexual touch to it.

This can be as easy as unbuttoning your shirt one more button than most guys do, wearing your clothes a bit tighter than most, showing off the good parts of your body, ect. This is related to 1 and I have written about it before. Basically, be a man that is able to amp up sexual tension. Night game pua slow and sensually and add pauses to build intrigue, be flirty, exude strong "Night game pua" eye contact, and be in a sexual state.

For example, if a club opens at 10 and closes at 3, most women wont be ready to pull until 12 at the earliest and most likely closer to 1. Women spend a lot of time getting ready before they go out.

When they finally hit the club they wanna show themselves off, drink, hang with their friends, and blow off some steam. You have to let them accomplish all of this before they are ready to be pulled. Lets say the club's hours are 10 - 3 and you get there at Because of the cubs rhythm you know you should wait until 1 to Night game pua and pull.

So what do you do?

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