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Hook up 2 hd tvs one receiver


Stuart Sweet April 3, After all, six or seven dollars a month does add up. All those nice friendly RCA connectors could be run to another room. The downside, of course, is that all your TVs showed fuzzy, grainy standard definition.

It was so easy in...

With component, you needed five separate cables, but again, at least it worked. You can see it here:. It still worked, incredibly well. This sort of ruins the idea of using two TVs at the same time if one of them always has to be on. This article lays out how using an HDMI splitter is a better choice than using two outputs on the back of the receiver.

It will generally solve this problem for you, and plus you get to use HDMI cables on both TVs which will make wiring easier. Just make sure you reboot the receiver after unplugging the HDMI cable.

DirecTV makes several satellite receiver...

If you want to watch video in the kitchen, put a cheap tablet there instead of a TV. No wiring is needed from the other room and you can do a lot more than just watch DIRECTV… you can watch your other streaming services too.

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If you want to use a bigger screen, most tablets let you use an adapter to output to a TV. You can see it here: Then the bad guys showed up. What can you do?

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I have 2 HDTV's about...

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I have 2 HDTV's about 40' apart I want to share the same directv box. I used a modulator to connect box to coax from boxe's composite out.

So, you have the HDMI out from the directv box to the HDMI splitter.

Hello how do i connect...

then one output of the splitter to Signal to HD Digital TV Signal Based on DVB-T CATV Up to. Connecting 2 TV's to one receiver / split BEFORE receiver. if you don't have a genie you need a regular HD receiver or another DVR. If you own multiple televisions and wish to use a single DirecTV receiver with all of them, you might have considered purchasing DirecTV's Genie HD DVR. 2. Connect one of the splitter ends to one television's matching input port.


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