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It has been shown by Svedberg and Sjögren 1 that at ordinary temperature serum albumin is stable that is, homogeneous with regard to molecular weight in a region of p H varying between 4 and 9. These authors have also shown that outside of the stability region, but not too far from it, the serum albumin molecule is dissociated into smaller molecules. This first stage of breaking up of the molecule probably means the formation of particles of half the weight of the original molecule.

The complete breaking up of the molecule follows immediately after this stage. The first stage has been shown to be reversible with regard to the molecular weight. Losses and gains in species diversity affect ecological stability and the sustainability of ecosystem functions and services Experiments and models have revealed positive, negative and no effects of diversity on individual components of stability, such as temporal variability, resistance and resilience 2,3,6,11,12, How these stability components covary remains poorly understood Similarly, the effects of diversity on overall ecosystem stability 16which is conceptually akin to ecosystem multifunctionality 17,18remain unknown.

Here we studied communities of aquatic ciliates to understand how temporal variability, resistance and overall ecosystem stability responded to diversity that is, species richness in a large experiment involving micro-ecosystems sampled 19 times over 40 days, resulting in 12, samplings. Species Paolo roversi wife sexual dysfunction increased temporal stability but decreased resistance to Paolo roversi wife sexual dysfunction.

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Thus, two stability components covaried negatively along the diversity gradient. Previous biodiversity manipulation studies rarely reported such negative covariation despite general predictions of the negative effects of diversity on individual stability components 3.

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Integrating our findings with the ecosystem multifunctionality concept revealed hump- and U-shaped effects of diversity on overall ecosystem stability.

That is, biodiversity can increase overall ecosystem stability when biodiversity is low, and decrease it when biodiversity is high, or the opposite with a U-shaped relationship. The effects of diversity on ecosystem multifunctionality would also be hump- or U-shaped if diversity had positive effects on some functions and negative effects on others. Linking the ecosystem multifunctionality concept and ecosystem stability can transform the perceived effects of diversity on ecological stability and may help to translate this science into policy-relevant information.

Natural pore-forming proteins act as viral helical coats 1 and transmembrane channelsexhibit antibacterial activity 5 and are used in synthetic systems, such Paolo roversi wife sexual dysfunction for reversible encapsulation 6 or stochastic sensing 7. These diverse functions are intimately linked to protein structure The close link between protein structure and protein function makes the design of synthetic mimics a formidable challenge, given that structure formation needs to be carefully controlled on all hierarchy levels, in solution and in the bulk.

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In fact, with few exceptions 8,9synthetic pore structures capable of assembling into periodically ordered assemblies that are stable in solution and in the solid state have not yet been realized. In the case of dendrimers, covalent 14 and non- covalent 15 coating and assembly of a range of different structures has only yielded closed columns Here we describe a library of amphiphilic dendritic dipeptides that self-assemble in solution and in bulk through a complex recognition process into helical pores.

We find that the molecular recognition and self-assembly process is sufficiently robust to tolerate a range of modifications to the amphiphile structure, while preliminary proton transport measurements establish that the pores are functional. We expect that this class of self-assembling Paolo roversi wife sexual dysfunction will allow the design of a variety of biologically inspired systems with functional properties arising from their porous structure.

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