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However, there were others too who made this genre what it is today. What would pop music be like without their catchy, harmonic and melodic songs to get everyone singing? But what exactly is pop?

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We take a look at its rise and impact to bring light to the darkness. However, Elvis Presley is also counted as a pioneer of the pop culture. The complexity of the original music style largely disappeared.

With its catchy melodies the new style of pop was especially well received by the younger generation. The Beatles, who started their legendary career in the 60s, belong to the first and most popular group of bands that have made pop what it is today. With their guitar-driven music they not only provided inspiration for bands at the time but became a source of inspiration for generations of artists to come.

Popular music of the 70s was especially shaped by the flower-power-movement and disco music.

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Since the 80s pop music has also inspired the adult audience - who could imagine the modern music scene without it? The King of Pop, Michael Jacksonremains unforgotten. His album, Thriller, is the most Brit asia top 40 album of all time. His hits Billy Jean and Smooth Criminal epitomize pop from this decade. The same applies for Madonna who received the title of The Queen of Pop with her hits Like A Prayer and Like a Virgin, becoming the most successful female singer of the decade.

The end of the 90s marked the Brit asia top 40 pop entrance on the international music scene. Britney Spears stormed the charts with her hit " Baby One More Time" and in doing so became arguably the most famous popstar at the time. In the s the triumph of teen pop continued. In addition, the strong influence of African American music remained evident. Rihanna, who frequently combined this style with Caribbean sounds, can now be considered one of the biggest pop stars of the last 20 years.

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The end of s marked the arrival of a new wave of influential artists, all of whom have "Brit asia top 40" the music scene up to the present day. Lady Gaga, for example, entered the stage in with her pop hit Just Dance, and livened up pop music by reintroducing key electronic elements, heard in her music, which can be listened to on the dedicated station, ABCD Lady Gaga.

Justin Bieber's debut single One Time came out a year later. The heart-throb, who was discovered by the equally successful singer Usher, triggered total mass hysteria one public appearance at a time.

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Also worth noting is the influence of various casting shows on the pop scene over the last 15 years, with shows having produced stars Brit asia top 40 as One "Brit asia top 40," Olly Murs both X Factor and Kelly Clarkson American Idol. So, what has this musical backstory taught us? Pop is not just pop. This type of music for the masses likes to combine various, current styles together. Although hard to pin down, the general consensus still recognizes two distinctive features of pop music: Its "triviality" together with the fact that it is the most lucrative branch of the music industry sometimes gives pop a bad name among critics.

Everyone can relate to the lyrics in some way or another. Countless radio stations on radio. The extensive collection of radios on offer demonstrates just how diverse this genre is, and that it continues to develop all the time.

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