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Luzhou sichuan


Nu 2 zou 1 ; Luzhou dialect: The city, named Jiangyang until the Southern and Northern Dynastiesis known as the "wine city".

Situated at Luzhou sichuan confluence of the Tuo River and the Yangtze RiverLuzhou is not only an important port on the Yangtze river, but also the largest port in both size and output in Sichuan province since Chongqing seceded from Sichuan province in At the census its population was 4, inhabitants whomlived in the built-up or metro area made of Jiangyang and Longmatan districts, as Naxi district isn't Luzhou sichuan yet.

InLuzhou was approved as a prefecture-level city administratively. Luzhou is best known for its alcoholic beverages. Luzhou was incorporated into the Ba state early in the Shang and Zhou period, in the 11th century BC. The local economy Luzhou sichuan culture expanded as a result of the advanced production technique and culture introduced by immigrants from the rest of China.

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The county was further expanded during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han. As a result, Luzhou became the portal of the Tuojing River leading to western Sichuan, which brought great prosperity to salt-refinery and agriculture in the area.

It was known as the Luzhou sichuan granary of southern Sichuan as the wine-making and salt-refining industries expanded. The method to decoct salt with natural gas was discovered at that time, according to ancient literature.

In addition, trade and business between Luzhou residents and ethnic groups was Luzhou sichuan and a protective wall as well as forts were constructed by the local government. In the Yuan DynastyLuzhou remained an important place for the wine-making, salt-refinery and tea-making industry Luzhou sichuan trade. A "Luzhou sichuan" number of wooden ships were made to further the shipping industry. During the Qing Dynasty —waves of immigrants from other parts of China brought rapid growth in economy and culture.

Luzhou served as a Luzhou sichuan, economic, military and cultural center for the provinces of SichuanGuizhou and Yunnan. The People's Liberation Army took control of Luzhou on December 6, from the Kuomintang government, two months after the founding of the People's Republic of China. InLuzhou prefecture was created with five counties that had been part of Yibin prefecture. The prefecture was upgraded to the prefecture-level city of Luzhou in Nowadays, Luzhou is considered a center of the chemical, machinery, and wine-making industries.

It is an octagon It has a bronze top and there are steps in its spiral staircase. The base is an octagon of 4.

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It is 5 m high, 54 m long and 1. The eight midsection Luzhou sichuan are characterized by traditionally carved auspicious beasts, such as dragons, lions, elephants and kylins. It was declared a key national culture relic in Longtou PassLuzhou sichuan 2.

Construction began in the Han Dynasty during Emperor Guangxu's reign. Its name, Longtou Pass, derives from Luzhou sichuan resemblance to a huge dragon crossing the Tuo River in the north and Yangtze river in the south.

It was listed as a protected historic and cultural relic of Luzhou in and a provincial one in National Vintage Square in Luzhou is typical of design in the community. There remain wineries established in the Ming and Qing dynasties when wine was made by hand. Situated in Xuyong county, the Spring and Autumn Temple [ permanent dead link ] was built induring the Qing Dynasty. Originally, it was a temple for Guany the Lord of Guan and then rebuilt as a Shaanxi salt merchants' assembly hall.

It has a typical local architecture style, and has been listed Luzhou sichuan a protected historic and cultural relic of Luzhou. Baizitu is situated near the Tuojiang river, in the northwestern corner of Luzhou city.

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It is named for the stone inscription of the Qing Dynasty and was the protected historic and cultural relic of Luzhou. Built Luzhou sichuanLuzhou City Park is an important project of Luzhou City in order to promote the ecological environment construction, and upgrade the eco-city level of Luzhou City. The total investment of the project is about million RMB and covers an area of about mu. It is located in the valley of the east of Chengxi Park in Jiangyang, Luzhou.

Superior, is expected to receive more than 1. Covering an Luzhou sichuan of 12, A prefecture-level city of Sichuan with a registered population of 4.

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