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The Archangel Gabriel dictating the text of the Quran to the Prophet.

Local clerics denounced the image as blasphemous, sparking off riots. The Book of Knowledge riots, until then a kind of low-farce version of the great Enlightenment battles over ideas, ended in a manner that has become a template for so many tragedies since: A brutal confrontation with the police, with four people killed in firing, and dozens of others injured. Of mass anger against the degradations which come Praveen swami wife sexual dysfunction life in a militarised environment; of soldiers and police too willing to kill; of a lumpenised youth culture that finds meaning only in violence.

These stories, though, conceal a more complex truth.

Plaintiff Versus Manisha Mudgal, w/o...

Though formal democracy revived init has failed to transform a dystopic polity. Failing a serious effort to revive and build a new democratic culture, the prospect of a larger crisis is very real.

The underlying crisis in Kashmir needs to be read against the slow growth, from the s, of neo-fundamentalist proselytising movements. He denounced key practices of mainstream Islam linked Praveen swami wife sexual dysfunction Hinduism, such as worship of shrines, the veneration of relics, and the recitation of litanies. For Ahl-e-Hadith ideologues like Siddiq Hasan Khan and Nazir Husain, the miseries of Indian Muslims were rooted in the accommodation they had made with their environment.

If we are to combat...

Their intellectual impact, historian Chitralekha Zutshi reminds us, ought not however be underestimated. At a Praveen swami wife sexual dysfunction 4,rally in Srinagar, MUF candidates, clad in the white robes of the Muslim pious, declared that Islam could not survive under the authority of a secular state, and that Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah was an agent of Hindu imperialism.

The s saw the Islamist-led Kashmiri insurgency sweep aside a decaying political order. Their mobilisations have given leadership, in the main, to a generation of disenfranchised young urban men.

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