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Think you've obsessed over your dating profile pics and finally managed to get them just right? Sorry, but you'd better think again.

The dating app Hinge sifted through thousands of their users photos and figured out what gets those likes and what gets ignored. The results are pretty surprising. So they can really tell what kind of photos illicit the most positive responses.

To get to the bottom of what's effective, they tagged thousands of randomly selected photos with 35 different labels for example: The basic takeaway is that you should U suck pics photos that highlight the real you. As Olivia Abramowitz, Hinge's VP of Marketing, told us in an interview, "Your photos should show you in your natural state, doing something that you love.

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So how does that translate in practical terms? Well, for one thing you're going to want to skip sunglasses and Snapchat filters — or really anything that obscures your face or eyes.

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Also, Abramowitz said a shocking number of pictures featured other people who could easily be mistaken for a significant other and that was a big turn off. So skip that photo of you with your brother, no matter how great you look. For women, sports photos were percent more likely to get liked; U suck pics men, they were 45 percent. Can this dating app end ghosting for good?

One thing this data makes very clear is that our intuition about what should work kind of sucks. For example, candids shots got 15 percent more likes. But, amazingly, 80 percent of the photos people use are posed. Similarly black and white photos got percent more likes, but only three percent of all the photos "U suck pics" black and white.

Maybe time to rethink a few of our strategies! Selfies were also a no-go. Regular selfies were liked 40 percent less. Bathroom selfies were 90 percent less liked. But seriously, never use a bathroom selfie. And now for the nitty-gritty details: For women, smiling in a way that shows your teeth made you 76 percent more likely to get a like. Looking away from the camera which upped likes by 74 percent and standing alone increased likes by U suck pics percent were also big helps.

And, oddly, so was wearing you hair up, which boosted your chances of getting a like by 27 percent. For men, it was almost the exact opposite.

Looking straight ahead was key, making you a whopping percent more likely to get liked.

U suck pics Smiling so as not to show off your teeth was preferred, upping your chances by 43 percent. Of course, this is all based on Hinge's userbase — so it's entirely possible a bikini shot will work far better on another app.

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