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Lonely middle aged woman


Recently Lonely middle aged woman have read several unrelated news reports and book reviews that underscore something that has been accelerating in the last few years in the fields of psychology, medicine, alcoholism, drug abuse and eating disorders: Regardless of what you are talking about — happiness rates, admission to emergency rooms for drug overdoses, alcohol and eating disorder treatment statistics, or even suicides — women between the ages of 35 and 60 are leading the pack in Lonely middle aged woman of mental health and addiction problems.

Many experts in the fields of addiction and health have weighed in with their thoughts, but before we get too far, here are some of the troubling facts: Middle-aged women are drinking at unprecedented rates now, leading to rising alcoholism and binge drinking figures. A recent CDC study of binge drinking—having four or more drinks for women or five or more for men within two hours—revealed a surprising statistic.

Why are we so unhappy? And more important, what can we do about it? My recommendations fall into several broad categories: As a result, I had mixed messages at home about why my own mother sacrificed her journalistic career to have and raise children, a set of in-laws who were openly critical of my decision to work at all, and Lonely middle aged woman a peer group that was highly educated, determined to put that education to good professional use, but unclear about how to make it all work together at the same time.

It seemed at times like I had to either choose full-time work with scant mom time, or the exact opposite, and neither one appealed to me.

Dear Amy: I'm a middle-aged...

More recent research has found that women benefit more if they go deep with a few selected friends, instead of wide with a vast crowd. Not only that, women with female bosses report more physical and psychological stress symptoms than those who have male bosses. I once thought that middle school, and even high school, was the end of this type of bullying.

They also have so little time during the day — less than an hour a day according to time use surveys — that getting traction in Lonely middle aged woman own lives can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Wonderful article, though heart breaking to read. Working with women at midlife, I am not surprised to read these statistics.

Loved your group approach. Women need each other, particularly at midlife. Pressures on women from society have are too much to bear for many. I have always be grateful for your work and words, Caroline. Thank you for your vision and service. What a great article!

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