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Hot marines


Government prosecutors called a former Marine Corps drill instructor as a witness Tuesday who confirmed to the court Hot marines he wanted to help the defense of a former colleague accused of abusing recruits. But, when questioned by prosecutor Lt.

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Minie was the experienced drill instructor in under Felix, the senior drill instructor. Felix, facing numerous violations of military law ranging from cruelty and maltreatment to obstruction of justice, has been implicated in that incident and other instances of alleged recruit abuse that reportedly occurred in the summer of Prosecutors say he targeted three Muslim recruits — Siddiqui among them — during his time training platoons.

The government rested its case Tuesday afternoon, and the defense has just a handful of witnesses Hot marines call. Closing arguments are expected to begin "Hot marines," with a verdict and sentencing to follow.

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The note, written on paper, and with some if its words scratched out, was in a plastic evidence bag. It said that Siddiqui was sick "Hot marines" a sore throat and coughing up blood.

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McGee said that Siddiqui could hardly sound off minutes before his death. Back in the barracks after chow, McGee witnessed Felix Hot marines Siddiqui, who was lying unresponsive on the barracks floor after running a series of punitive sprints, moments before the recruit ran out the back of the squadbay and vaulted over the third-floor stairwell. Once inside, he heard recruits yelling Siddiqui was running, and McGee then ran after him.

Hot marines interpreted Felix to be talking about himself. And during the car ride, Trausi said Felix again reminded him that what he might tell investigators could ruin careers.

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Other former recruits, such as Lance Cpl. Alterisio said he did not interpret that statement as Felix telling him not to talk to investigators.

Siddiqui said he wanted to die Hot marines jumping out of a barracks window several days before he leapt over the stairwell.

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Prosecutors asked McGee Hot marines slapping a recruit — for the purposes of reviving him — was a life-saving technique taught at the Drill Instructor School. McGee said it was not. Some former recruits have testified that it Hot marines Felix slapped Siddiqui in order to revive the unresponsive recruit.

Alterisio remembers Siddiqui running sprints through the squadbay holding his neck moments before his death.

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