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Thundercat pua


He also went into Thundercat pua great many marketing concepts, and shared his own personal philosophy about how to be successful, that being that success is the idea that you're helping other people become more successful.

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This is evident in how he structures Thundercat pua seminars with guest speakers, most of which have their own philosophy and products to sell on the subject of dating and seduction. He's basically being extremely generous by sharing his large client base with other businessmen in exchange for content.

This "Thundercat pua" one of the reasons Double Your Dating is so interesting in terms of seduction study, because it presents you with EVERY type of information that's out there, and allows you to choose what you want to learn. This can be a good and a bad thing.

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But at the same time, it's that philosophy that is the foundation for a great many other methods that are out there. The good part is that by David DeAngelo incorporating other people with different methods and philosophy into his seminar, he helps make up for Thundercat pua shortcomings in his method.

However, "Thundercat pua" he does that, DYD has no "concrete" structure per say, and some of the guest speaker's own philosophies and tactics can contradict what David teaches. He is not what you would expect of a typical "Dating Guru.

In fact, due to his appearance, your first reaction to him might be "There is no way in hell this guy can be a pick-up artist! But then you Thundercat pua to the guy, and you start to get a sense of what he's about. David X is a guy who is not held back by the concept of "social niceties. He has the belief that he's an awesome guy, that all women love Thundercat pua, love sex, and by default, love sex with him lol.

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In fact, "Thundercat pua" whole method can be summed up in two words:. David X says that the one common denominator amongst men who aren't getting laid is a fear of women. This is a fear instilled by Thundercat pua, by family, by women, and by other men. It's an irrational fear that does not exist.

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Thundercat pua Part of this fear comes from the fact that most men don't know what they want — in women and in life! One of David X's biggest insights was the concept that "If you can't think for yourself, you think for someone else.

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