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Snapchat please check connection


Many users have reported that the problem was caused by having disabled Google Play Services Background Data and forgetting to re-enable it.

Or the services just disabled on their own. You may Snapchat please check connection declined an update in the past that solves the issue you are having. Every time i type my username and my pasword …. Tried all the ways still not able to log in and still its showing the problem connecting to the server message……. Thank you guys so much! During this time period, my play services was screwed up so nothing run by Google, including Google itself, was working.

I followed all these steps and it fixed my whole phone!! In addition, I had saved Snoachat on my SD card. I had transferred it back onto Snapchat please check connection phone for this process and it seemed to work. I still have this problem so I made a new account and it just kept crashing when I opened it, then as soon as you uninstall and reinstall it comes up with the same message.

And everythjng suggested on Google. I have the same problem as MichaMarie. How do I clear cache with an iPhone? All of the suggestions are for googleplay users. If you install xposed.

You must remove unistall xposed of your mobile. But idk can you pls helppppp!! I am having a hard time logging into Snapchat. I have had like 7 Snapchat please check connection 8 verification codes sent to me and it keeps getting stuck on the New password page. I put in something for the password and it will not let me continue. I tried logging in TWO different phones and it keeps on saying incorrect password! Anyone still experiencing this issue — try logging in with a WiFi connection rather than mobile data.

Fix #1: Make Sure Google...

So getting such a basic thing as Login wrong in this way is not excusable and unforgivable. Please have not been able to login to my account for almost 2 weeks now It keep bringing no connection try again even when I tried to change password. Keeps showing logging in but nothing happens. The best solution for iOS users is to login on an android phone.

As a popular social software,...

Then while you are still logged in on the android. Login on the iOS Snapchat. Phew your problem will be solved.

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