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Austin powers ivana humpalot


My name is Ivana. And I want a toilet made out of solid gold, but it's just not in the cards now, is it?

Do you know how we keep warm in Russia? I can guess, baby.

Not if I can help it! You're not quite evil enough. You're the margarine of evil.

Austin: Who are you, baby?...

You're the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough. Austin, I am your father.

No, I can't back that up. This coffee smells like shit! It is shit, Austin. Oh well then Austin powers ivana humpalot not just me. It's a bit nutty. Those are skin tight - how do you get into those pants, baby? You can start by buying me a drink. Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases.