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French polynesia girls

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The Tahitiansor Maohisare a nation and Polynesian ethnic group native to Tahiti and thirteen other Society Islands in French Polynesiaas well as the modern population of these lands of multiracialprimarily Polynesian-French, ancestry French: Over the period of half a century there was much inter-island relations with trade, marriages and Polynesian expansion with the Islands of Hawaii and through to Rapanui.

The original Tahitian society was French polynesia girls of metal as it was based on Stone Age technology. However, it enabled Tahitians to clear land for cultivation on the fertile French polynesia girls soils and build fishing canoestheir two basic subsistence activities.

The Tahitians French polynesia girls divided into three major classes or castes: In the 19th century Tahitians added the European medicine to their practice. The most famous Tahitian healer Tiurai, of ari'idied aged 83 during the influenza outbreak on Tahiti in When British Captain Samuel Wallis "discovered" Tahiti on 18 Junethe natives were eager to trade, especially in iron nails unknown to them.

Their other foods are equally simple".

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The European ships however brought such diseases for which Tahitians had little or no immunitysuch as dysenterysmallpoxscarlet fevertyphoid fever and tuberculosis. The recovery continued in spite of a few more epidemics.

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French polynesia girls Hiro's God of Culture implores Oihanuthe Tahitian god of culture and husbandry, to empower the 'new generation'. Tahitian peasants and workers call themselves the 'true Tahitians' Ta'ata Tahiti Mau to distinguish from part-Europeans Ta'ata 'afa Popa'a. Many natives were painted from life by Paul Gauguinwho gave Tahitian titles to his works.

Tahitians are French citizens and are represented by two elected deputies to the French National Assembly and one representative in the French Senate. Media related to People of Tahiti at Wikimedia Commons.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about indigenous people of Tahiti. For other uses, see Tahitian. Kingdom of Tahiti and Kingdom of Bora Bora. Tahitian mythology and Tahitian music. United States Census Bureau.

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