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Snl heterosexual figure skating video


Posted by Sean L. Third-time Saturday Night Live host Jonah Hill also celebrates becoming a second-time Academy Award nominee, so how much goodness would that manifest on this particular Saturday night? In fact, hold all of your thoughts. We open cold in full-on Winter Olympics mode. Such as straight guys on skates. Which has been done before. But even those attempts played it straight, so to speak.

Weird choice to make upskirting a go-to hetero move. But hey, this is an odd duck of a sketch that could have committed more. Or maybe it just needed more Chris Farley. What the hell are you doing? DiCaprio has never hosted SNL. So Snl heterosexual figure skating video cameo is a start, right? At least he got the Titanic re-enactment out of the way, too.

Adam shows up to dinner this time with his stepmother, Dr. Debbie Wasserstein Vanessa Bayer. Their dining companions are played by Wells and Sasheer Zamata, their waitress is played by McKinnon, and Katsuko Nasim Pedrad is their table-side chef. And now for a video. In this short directed by Matt and Oz, Kenan Thompson drives Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam to a stakeout for a gang hit of some sort, only to be stopped short by a snowstorm.

Oh, look at the snow.

One of the events that...

Oh, look at the white bunny rabbit. Appealing to their warm and fuzzy side might not have resulted in the happy happy joy joy moment they were looking for, "Snl heterosexual figure skating video." Point is, someone broke the toilet. But this broken toilet will not stand.

Sheila and Craig win. And here is, nope, not Justin Bieber. But the cop who arrested him, played by Kenan Thompson.

The cop who arrested Biebs, but no Biebs? They could have saved this for next Saturday. Bieber this weekend, Olya next.

Did they think that was too obvious? Did they not want to appeal to the masses? Perhaps this came down from NBC. That must be it. Which yields lines such as: She also tried Timber. So this sketch in the horse stables. Perhaps for the best. Nasim Pedrad is Danielle, another teen-aged loner who wanders away from her schoolmates.

But what to make of the rest of this, with Hill and Strong as stable hands and Willow as a horse with some mighty furious hooves. For a brief second, it sounds like the resurrection of Deep Thoughts.

With Jonah Hill in the lead — and as the voice of the operating system. Directed by Rhys Thomas. For dinner at the house of his boss, all you need to know is that Jonah Hill is a very nervous employee who second-guesses himself at every line of dialogue during the dinner conversation.

The U.S. Men's Heterosexual Figure...

Their go-to low-key delivery is reminiscent of how they played frat guys in their earliest SNL video hit this season. But this is all meant to convey Southern California skater slacker living.

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