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The BCCI calls Celdas absolutas yahoo dating the Government to immediately launch a thorough, complete and transparent investigation into the allegations made by the GST Officer, particularly due to the mandatory and onerous nature of penalties imposed by the Court for failure to pay GST assessments. Any methodology used by the Department of GST in auditing businesses and making assessments must be uniform and fair to the taxpayer as well as the Government.

While there is a need for government to increase revenue, the BCCI maintains that this should be done through the auditing of businesses that fail to pay any GST, and not by unfair practices directed towards Celdas absolutas yahoo dating that comply.

The BCCI calls for an impartial examination of procedures adopted by the Department of GST along with implementation of corrective measures so as to assure the business community of the objectivity and fairness of GST audits.

These officers were engaged in criminal activity and as such, we demand that they are subjected to the usual and full penalty that would be imposed against any other contrabandista. There can be no leniency when Celdas absolutas yahoo dating officers are caught breaking the very laws they are sworn to uphold. Whether carried out by public official or private sector person or private citizen, contraband and other forms of corruption weaken our economy and our nation.

Corruption and subjective application of rules are unacceptable in any society. Tuesday, 11 April It is time to break the corruption chain and take our country back from those who would steal it, or sell it out for pennies!

Is that another way in which the Government of Belize is trying to source much-needed revenue from already overburdened taxpayers? That is what the Belize Chamber of. In other words, we are not saying what claim, if any, Guatemala has to the Sibun or what claim it has to the Sarstoon.

This notwithstanding that Guatemalan officials and media report that their country is only claiming almost half of Belize. Elrington proceeded to add that if the Guatemalans are claiming that the Anglo-Guatemalan Treaty does not exist, then they are claiming the entire country. Because everything was put on the table based on their position as articulated on the 21st of September So why the need to include all of Belize in the referendum question? Well, seconds later he says the Maritime border cannot be identified unless the Western border is agreed on.

So, are we the only ones who remember the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the media trips to the Western and Southern borders where they saw border markers clearly established? We maintain that it is dangerous to go to the ICJ under this confused and borderline senile Foreign Minister.

The risk of losing what we hold most dear, even an inch of theis just "Celdas absolutas yahoo dating" great. Commerce wants to find out. That raised a problem for the senior GST officer because while some of the assessments went un-appealed, others were questioned and he was uncomfortable defending assessments that were not his own. So, when the taxpayer owed the Government, the method could be used but otherwise, it should be set aside.

The officer expressed discomfort with another practice "Celdas absolutas yahoo dating" having the auditors use three methods of auditing for management and then.

That Celdas absolutas yahoo dating the purpose of the letter to the Solicitor General: The GST officer suggests that there should be a standard and reasonable method of assessment for each business type that should be adhered to regardless of the outcome. No Belizean is above the law, not police officers, our ministers, or management at the Department of GST.

Tuesday, 11 April Alvarine Burgess, the famous whistle-blower who fearlessly took Minister Edmund Castro to task over a huge visa hustle, is turning her eye to Belmopan Police.

She was unlawfully detained for 12 hours, according to her, on the command of a minister. The game got underway and just before 9p. However, she notes that she was not the only one cursing. Celdas absolutas yahoo dating she was the only one singled out by a cop on duty at the game. He left her alone when she pointed out that he was being biased. You want turn it up then? When Celdas absolutas yahoo dating came, Burgess pointed.

The WPC promised to take the second woman out too but when Burgess was being escorted out, she noted that no one approached the other young lady. According to Burgess, once at the steps, the WPC received a call and proceeded to inform her that they would take her to the Police Station instead.

This was done without any explanation but she complied. She was not released until 9 Sunday morning after the officers received a phone call from someone whose identity was not disclosed to her. Even then, she says she got no explanation as to why she was detained without being charged.

She has since contacted her attorney and intends to sue for unlawful detention. Belmopan Police have confirmed the detention but has not released any details of the case. As his main focus the. The Party Leader is also taking the opportunity to listen to the people and to share his plans for building a Belize that works for everyone.

A crucial part of his message is what he calls the Belizean Bill of Rights, which speaks Celdas absolutas yahoo dating providing every Belizean access to a piece of land. Easter is a time of hope and great joy for Christians everywhere.

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