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My mistress is dating another man


Cheating is one of the worst blows anyone can suffer in a relationship. There are so many things that make this action hurtful. The fact that they were dishonest is a huge reason cheating hurts so much.

The fact that they didn't do the honorable thing and break up with you first can be infuriating and crushing. Then there's the fact that there was someone out there who they chose over you. This can spark feelings of inferiority, jealousy, and anger. What does she have that you don't? Was there any reason, or was it just something that happened out of the blue?

In order to answer these questions, and learn more about what goes on inside a guy's mind when he cheats, it's interesting to look at some confessions from male cheaters on Reddit. But these cheaters all have one thing in common: They chose the mistress over their wife or girlfriend.

I Was Married AND Another...

How do they feel about their choice? Well, some regret it terribly.

Some of them learned the hard way that mistresses don't actually make good long-term partners. But then there are those who admit that their lives actually got a lot better Which is pretty heartbreaking, honestly. After 15 years of marriage, you would think that spouses are able to work their differences out.

But in so many situations, partners are actually bottling up their emotions throughout all these My mistress is dating another man, and when they finally get to a point where they can't handle it anymore, bad things happen. In this case, someone told a story of a guy who chose the mistress He said he felt trapped, that he'd never really lived.

His mistress enchanted him, made him feel alive again he said. A year later he regretted the whole thing. He begged his wife to forgive him, to take him back. They're working on it last I heard. Unfortunately, he's now k in the hole after lavishing his mistress with gifts including a brand new car.

The grass is not greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it. Long distance relationships are hard to make work, and if you've ever tried a relationship like this, you know this to be a fact.

Being away from each other for so long My mistress is dating another man present some very serious problems, and one of these problems is being tempted by other people. And as this guy admits, the temptation was too great, and he chose the girl he was cheating with I cheated on her with a girl who I went to school with. Just because she was there and my girlfriend wasn't.

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