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Shes dating the gangster cast on asap 2019

Among them, the variety show...

She's preparing to get into medical school and he's a musician waiting for his band to hit it big. Together, in a house they inherited from George's grand aunt, they dream of great success and promise to support each other no matter what.

But what happens when the dream of success doesn't come for one of them?

She's preparing to get into...

Primo doesn't get the big break he's been working for and turns into a difficult and arrogant artist who can't even help with the bills. Faithful George stays true to her promise to support Primo through it all. That is until she reaches her breaking point and gives up. Dejected, Primo walks out and does not look back. The Hows Of Us is a moving story read: Wherever Kath is, DJ can't be far behind. He was also one of the three lead stars of Gandarrapido: This is the most mature material Kathryn and Daniel have tackled and I swear, they did not disappoint!

The movie started out a bit slow and light. I was waiting to really get into it fast but this one's the type that you let simmer a bit before it reaches boiling point. But I'm not complaining because the wait was worth it.

She's Dating the Gangster ()...

For me, the turning point was when Kath got home one night and DJ was singing. You'll know what I mean when you watch the movie. The Hows Of Us is clearly Kathryn's best work yet! While I've always been a fan, there have been times in past shows and movies where I felt like she still had more to give.

In this movie, she was vulnerable and honest, and TBH, I've never seen her more beautiful! I've always been impressed with Daniel Padilla. Plus, this movie highlighted how talented DJ is as a singer. Kit Thompson was a highlight looks-wise. I love how honest the movie was about the realities of a relationship—that it's difficult, it's ugly sometimes, and it takes sacrifice, patience, and commitment to make it work.

And it can't be just one person doing the giving. I don't know what it is about The Hows Of Us. Maybe because it's so relatable, I teared up many times Okay, fine. My tears Shes dating the gangster cast on asap 2019 flowing like waterfalls, but in fairness to me, I only ugly-cried two times!

I also loved how the movie ended. While some might consider it to be abrupt, I thought it was a fitting ending, a proper closure. Listen to the lines in this movie and stay on until the credits.

This is one of the greatest Filipino movies written. There was no dry eye in the cinema from start to end.

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Star Cinema's amazing pool of writers simple gave us the perfect script! If you love them, you will love them even more after watching this movie. I also recommend it to anyone who's experienced loving selflessly. If you've ever put a partner first before your own needs which is not a bad thing, but he has to exert effort, too! We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Cosmo.

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