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Dating scene at columbia university


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We can take classes at either school. We can socialize on either campus. But the details of how students from each school interact are skimmed over in Dating scene at columbia university tours and official documents, instead rearing their heads during awkward social interactions—when a CC student has to come down from their room to sign in a friend from Barnard, or when people discuss the dating scene, or Dating scene at columbia university anonymous comments on websites like Bwog and CollegeACB.

So we decided to see what people from both schools would say if we got them in a room together and asked them, up front, questions about the day-to-day realities of the Barnard-Columbia relationship.

And it turned out to be pretty fun. Does the Barnard-Columbia ambiguity come into play in clubs or social life? Just speaking socially, from my experience, college in general is about getting out, going out, in general.

I've always been interested in what school someone goes to in the same way I'm interested in their major. It's an interesting tidbit about you, but it doesn't necessarily define you as a human being. Maybe it's because I transferred here and I don't have the Montague—Capulets view of the whole thing. I feel like, I don't know if this is from students who say this, or hearing it from some of my Barnard friends, but there are people who feel that when someone says, "I go to Barnard," they feel that if a person's in CC—especially females—will look down on them.

And I don't know who these people are but they definitely say this.

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