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In four months, Scientix 2 will come to an end and, for this reason, we would like to invite you to take a look back at the past two years and give us feedback about your experience within the project.

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In Scientix, we are confident that investing time understanding how others experience their work is key to a better outcome. Hence, we would like you to tell us: What do you think has been the most relevant aspect of your job within Scientix? How do you think your role benefits Infoeducatie online dating project? Mark as an Answer. Threads [ Previous Next ].

Welcome to the COP 7! You can start discussing here, or - if you prefer - start a separate thread in case you want to discuss a specific issue. A word of advice: That way, all participants will be able to see everyone's contributions. If you have any questions, please contact Marina Jimenez at marina. Hi all, I can say at the beginning that SCIENTIX has given me a clear path to find projects and teaching materials exactly tailored to my lessons and the remote labs were an excellent idea.

My students had never had a chance to see the universe from school perspective and we always had to travel to nearest observatory I feel more experienced in STEM subject fields now and I can advise the teachers Infoeducatie online dating my country when there is a request for something excellent to bring to their teaching routine. I must confess that you guys as my colleagues have taught me much in our debates during our face to face meeting and it was excellent occasion to share a good practices.

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It was a pleasure for me to be a part of this project and I think it was a bit pity we started to work with NCP only in this turn. But there is still potential to run and let this project survive and build on its continuance. It would be great if Infoeducatie online dating could run another period of this project. I still feel there must be more work done as I want more and more teachers in Slovakia to be involved in Scientix.

Hello, It's hard to say what are my favourite aspects in Scientix.

I have to mention the live community and endless Infoeducatie online dating I visit it every day and I always find something new: What teachers I present it to appreciate the most are the quality of resources and the ease Infoeducatie online dating the search the Internet is a real "jungle" and one can browse for hours without finding a good quality material and the Romanian language interface plus the translation on demand that help them overcome the language barrier.

And also the PD opportunities, from the Moodle courses to face-to-face events that many Romanian teachers took part in. From my personal point of view, it was very motivating to be part of this community, as I strongly believe that STEM and especially Math teachers need more help in order to connect and exchange compared to teachers of other subjects- due to the nature of their subject.

So, I felt I was involved in Infoeducatie online dating meaningful work as well as an enjoyable one, due to all my wonderful colleagues, that I learned so much from, either online or in the meetings.

But enough looking back, there are still many things to do! Looking forward to Scientix 3, that could bring even more active communication and sharing between teachers! Scientix is a dream of some people that trying to be a member of this great community in my country maybe all over the world.

Before the Scientix everything about projects and resources etc was unclear and massy. After some face to face events and great communication with other teachers and ambassadors I really understood the importance of Scientix.

It is really hard to say about Scientix excellent opportunities since there are many great things. For instance; perfect project ideas, useful resources, information about European "Infoeducatie online dating," blog posts, face to face events etc.

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They are really great. I think all of them should continue in a new Scientix 3 The name is not important Infoeducatie online dating actually it should continue as Scientix.

In addition, I had chance Infoeducatie online dating meet new teachers and colloquies for my academic researches and great projects.

Scientix provided me to find all of them. Especially, I really mention about face to face events since these events gave me chance to have relax and to think in a different perspective by taking into consideration of my Scientix friends ideas. To be honest, I am really looking forward to hearing Scientix 3 will continue.

That will be great for me since I started a new project with 12 different professors all over the world about Scientix and STEM education. I think people will see the real affects of Scientix in the future.

That is why the reason Scientix should continue. Hi Irina I was interested in your final comment about the possibility of more active communication and sharing in Scientix 3. I wondered what types of communication you think have worked Infoeducatie online dating in Scientix 2; or what alternative communication methods you'd like to see in Scientix 3? Any ideas you have would be really helpful!

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