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Is bad news barrett dating alicia fox


Alicia had a relationship with former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett at one stage during his time with the company, however, they parted ways eventually. After a career with WWE which lasted from tillBarrett decided to request his leave from the company and he was granted his release soon after.

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Barrett was a five-time Intercontinental Champion and he won the King of the Ring tournament in Fans remember him most fondly for his Bad News Barrett character. Fox stated that while she was with Barrett, her mom had been on 'the streets for three years', which caused her to suffer from 'a lot of anxiety and stress'. The problem was that Alicia felt that Stu was not the sort of person who she could talk to about her emotions regarding her mother's issues because of Stu not being an emotional person.

Although the two broke up, Fox says that she still loves Stu but she is glad they are now just friends. With regards to her career, Alicia said she sometimes gets embarrassed thinking about it. Fox explained that before fans would come up to her and say that she was 'underrated'.

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However, when she started using social media and saw more fans saying the same thing, it became something that she took seriously.

Alicia says the 'underrated' remarks would make her really question whether or not she was undervalued by the WWE, and it made her angry because she began to think about how WWE never even gave her 'any Merch'.

Despite this, Fox says she never complained to WWE higher-ups about these issues, but also comments that maybe the fact WWE doesn't value her enough is 'not okay'. Alicia Fox is hoping that she will still be able to put enough food on her table with her WWE career.

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Although Fox's tenure with WWE as a wrestler seems to be headed towards its end, she might still have a job with the company as a trainer or backstage agent, or even an ambassador for the company like Brie Bella is. Hopefully, WWE will give Alicia a few more meaningful matches before she finishes her in-ring career. It saddened me to hear Fox thinks that parts of her WWE career are an embarrassment.

I would agree that WWE's booking of her has been embarrassing, but not because of anything Alicia has done. Alicia has always given full dedication to her character, and she is a very talented in-ring wrestler.

WWE News: Alicia Fox opens...

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Alicia Fox and Cedric first met at 'WWE' and fell in love. Wade Barrett is the first love of Alicia. They started dating in However, they. Alicia Fox On Dating Wade Barrett, Why She Is Sometimes Embarrassed About Her Career, Why Bad News Barrett Broke Up With Alicia Fox.

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Find more about your favorite celebrity information, news and entertainment. Share it in your Same is the scenario with the WWE dive Alicia Fox, who found the lie of her boyfriend.

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