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A new Skype installer 8. The old versions, Skype Classic 7. A lot many people are going to miss the Dave m insider internet hookup free download Classic. I would say them to look at the changelog for Skype 8. Microsoft has taken a mobile-first approach for building Skype 8. In my opinion, it now has all the characteristics of a modern social messenger app.

Spend some time with this Skype update. Microsoft has renamed old version Skype to Classic in early However, Microsoft may discontinue the Skype Classic from all platforms, any time soon. Until then you may download the offline installer for this edition of Skype from the following link. Those who click the above link from Windows 10 gets Skype Classic 7. Unfortunately, Skype Classic 7.

You need to download offline Skype installer 7. Hence, for macOS, the version number is 7. Looking for the Skype compatible with older Windows editions? We have you covered. Visit the following link for everything on the old version of Skype.

Get Skype Classic old version.

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Your search for Skype MSI ends here. MSI file for the Classic Skype is also available in build number 7. At this time, an MSI installer is not officially available for Skype version 8 and above.

But, if you want, you may create Skype 8 MSI installer from the regular. It seems that Microsoft starts using an identical build number for Skype 8. Moreover, now it is easy to download the most up-to-date and offline version of Skype through dedicated links.

Skype offline installer for Windows: Download Skype setup for Linux: Snap version Skype for Linux is more secure and easy to update. Download Skype installer for MacOS: Please note that the Skype editions listed above are bit versions. If you need a bit Skype installervisit the Windows store and download Skype for Universal Windows platform Click here. However, this is going to be an online installation and requires you to sign-in to Microsoft account.

Want to go ahead and download the upcoming new Skype for Windows, Mac or Linux? Find the link to the current preview version 8.

The beta versions of Skype installer 8. However, the Dave m insider internet hookup free download user should also install a Skype version supporting private messaging. Get the Skype Insider Preview here. This beta build of Skype 8. However, regular users may also download standalone Skype installers under this category. Keep in mind the chances of security flaws and bugs, though. Instead, it quits and opens the Windows Store page listing the Skype app.

Check the video below to fix this error and make the Skype setup file working. However, it is little difficult for a System-admin or a person who wants to run Skype on multiple machines to download the full installer repeatedly. Now you would be able to run the full and standalone Skype installer 8. Hi, This was very useful, and helped me to proceed to get an offline installed desktop version of skype 8.

Many thanks to you. I wish you a Happy New year Suni. The whole thing of collecting and gathering all info began already much earlier. I could get around renaming the. Just went back to Classic.

THANK you for your info. Seems that 8 is missing some of my favorite features, such as various options for security setting, and the quality info that is available in classic.

Is it possible to have the Skype Classic version and the 8 version installed on the same computer? Pinning respective icon to the Dave m insider internet hookup free download is of no help. This is an important omission that will force people to revert to Skype Desktop Version 8. MSI file in the 8. How would I find the. Magic — the 7. Microsoft — never fails to disappoint. Thank you so much for this site!

I downloaded and used for about a minute v 8. I found that although it would run startup it would not automatically sign me in.

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