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After Jeff hears Paula's message for help, Tony accompanies him as a temporary party member.

He instructs Jeff to get equipment from the school's lockers, and the two ask Maxwell for the key. After finding that the key is bent, the two boys return to Maxwell, and he gives them the bad key machine which he had just invented.

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After opening the lockers and taking their contents, the two go outside, and Tony boosts Jeff over the gate in the front of the school, leaving the party. Later in the game, Tony goes missing, and is found to have been kidnapped. He is found in a tube in Dr andonuts homosexuality statistics Stonehenge Basefilled with a green liquid, continuously muttering Jeff's name.

After defeating Starman Deluxehe is freed.

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Later, in TotoTony calls Ness and asks for the the player 's name. Tony is also one of the many characters that prays for the safety of Ness and his friends in the final fight with Giygasand at the end of the game, one of the presents in Saturn Valley contains a letteraddressed to Jeff, saying that he misses him.

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By fans, for fans! Trivia In an interview with Shigesato ItoiTony was hinted at being homosexual.

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