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What to do when your having relationship problems


The beginning of a relationship is supposed to be easy. You both have these hormones surging through you that make everything feel so light, easy, radiant, and exciting. In fact, the crazy chemicals flowing through your brain from the sex and love high make you oblivious What to do when your having relationship problems things that would typically drive you nuts.

How are you going to be when the high of the new relationship wears off? Cancelling at the last minute, failing to schedule things in advance, double booking—things like this should not happen in the beginning of a relationship.

You lose a couple of hours of sleep if those hours are the only time you can be together. Being together a lot, in the beginning, is how you build the foundation of this thing.

But having sex is one...

And, likewise, your long-term boyfriend can be more openly critical of you. This is a time when the love hormones are supposed to make you look perfect to each other.

You have a deeper bond holding you together, so you can afford to go without sex for weeks at a time. But in a new relationship, having lots of sex is part of the critical chemical bonding.

Your hormonal drive to have sex should overpower your desire for things like sleep.

Each entry in the list...

Do not write off disagreements about core values. These can include things like how you treat homeless people, what place family should hold in your life, and the significance of money.

You should still have the motivation to work out fights in a new relationship. But putting each other first in the beginning of a relationship is kind of an important part of forming a bond.

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Why are you talking about this a few months into a relationship? You all are moving too fast. Remember all of those lovey-dovey hormones and chemicals?

25 Most common relationship problems

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