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Biblical unitarian websites


This website is devoted to defending the unity of G-d and refuting the traditional doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation. It contains a wealth of information and good quality articles and biblical studies.

Focusing on the One True...

Although this ministry from a Torah-viewpoint is traditionally Christian, Biblical unitarian websites charismatic leanings, it has rediscovered the biblical truth of the Shemawhich should be fundamental to all Messianics. A biblical defense of Unitarianism. This website gives due attention to dismantling trinitarian bias in exegeting scriptural texts.

There is one mediator between...

Includes information on the Church fathers and the historical development of Trinitarianism. A website with many media items in video, audio, and text, defending a Biblical Unitarian position.

Includes references to many important works in the Trinitarian-Unitarian debate. A defense of Biblical Unitarianism, with an accent on the systematic and logical aspects involved Biblical unitarian websites the trinitarian and unitarian positions. This is one of the best unitarian websites. Many articles are on a scholarly level and the issues involved in trinitarian belief are discussed on a firmly biblical basis.

One word of caution: The Israel-theology of this ministry is not entirely kosher and it is opposed to Torah observance.

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