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Did jesus have to die


Girls and women — just imagine you are with the bloke of your dreams: You open it and pull out a long, delicate gold chain — on the end of which you notice is a replica electric chair. But romantic men have been buying their girlfriends little gold crosses forever — so why? The cross is a symbol of the most ghastly form of public execution ever devised.

But the overwhelming question you are left with is "Why? Why did Jesus so deliberately co-operate with a series of events that took him to a place of "Did jesus have to die" and bloody execution? It seems gratuitous and unnecessary.

So why did Jesus die? Even after dispensing with sentimentalism people are still prone to a number of other misconceptions about the death of Christ. You will sometime hear people say that the origin of all religions is the same: Also they will build a culture around Did jesus have to die, which outlasts the leaderpersonally. And, as far as Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam are concerned — there is some credibility in that analysis.

Because these religions did begin in that way. For Moses, the Buddha and Muhammad died at a ripe old age — after a lifetime of teaching and having won vast popular acclaim — the future of their respective religions was Did jesus have to die. For Jesus died at the age of 33 with a teaching ministry of, at the very most, three years. He had been outcast by society, betrayed and denied by his own supporters, mocked by his enemies and, at the very end, forsaken by all except his mum and a few of her friends.

He suffered one of the most brutal forms of execution ever devised by the imagination of men. The founder of Christianity did not die at a ripe old age "Did jesus have to die" after years of public teaching and acclaim. He did not have the future of his movement guaranteed — No.

The founder of Christianity died prematurely, tragically. A lonely figure on a cross. And yet more people follow him today than anyone else — alive or dead. But why did Jesus die? Why does the Old Testament look forward to his death and the New Testament look back on it as the greatest event in world history?

People have criticised Mel Gibson for concentrating on the last 16 hours of Jesus life — rather than focussing on his life. What offends my sensibilities is all this evangelical stuff about Jesus dying for me. They get their haste from Jesus himself — who wants people to understand who he is and once the penny has dropped — Jesus wants to tell them what he has come to do. He will not be distracted from this hour. Note that we are just half way into the Gospel of John and yet we are into the last week of his life.

Half the gospel on one week of Jesus life. Again in John Why is the most significant person in world history deliberately moving events towards his own brutal execution? Here is the greatest figure in the world, no, the universe the God-man — the Logos — the creator of the world dying so horribly… and deliberately, at the hands of his own creation.

After that the cross is dropped into a deep socket — it lands with a judder, dislocating both of his arms.

Our culture ignores it. Many...

And so he begins to suffocate in his own blood and spittle. Howls of mockery rise up. And yet it was avoidable.

Yet he did and made no attempt to give Pilate an excuse to release him.

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