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Developing long-term relationships sexual health

Developing long-term relationships sexual health


The impact of sexual problems on a relationship can be significant. Painful sex dyspareunia , problems with libido, physical changes such as menopause can all impact on your sex life and your relationship.

If you've been avoiding sex this can be especially difficult. But if you do find support, it can build intimacy and help you to manage your sexual relationship more honestly. The good news is there are strategies to help you. Feeling stressed, self-conscious about your body, depressed or anxious about intimacy can make sex uncomfortable, and even painful.

Sometimes dyspareunia painful sex begins as a physical problem, but then has a flow-on effect to your psychological wellbeing and relationships, causing stress and anxiety. A vicious cycle can develop where past experiences of painful sex cause anticipatory fear of more pain. This fear creates stress, tension and reduces libido and arousal and as a result, sex becomes painful. For some women their past experiences may include sexual or emotional abuse, which can a be a trigger for experiencing painful sex, even in good relationships with an understanding partner.

For women approaching menopause who are experiencing sexual problems in a relationship, it is helpful to sort out how much is due to the physical symptoms of menopause rather than other sexual issues. It can be difficult to know if menopause influences your relationship with your partner, or if the relationship you have with your partner influences your experience of menopause.

Is being nice holding me back with girls? The results of every study on how couples maintain sexual desire in long-term relationships are in. Here's what you need to know. 30 Sex "Rules" For People In Long-Term Relationships . “The tip here is develop strong conflict-resolution skills in order to keep the relationship strong and healthy, and don't let conflict make sex a symptom,” she explains..

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Esther Perel on Sexual Desire and Successful Relationships - with Lewis Howes

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Search the Jean Hailes website using keywords Search. Don't forget that it will take ongoing commitment and revisiting the discussion to keep it working in the long-term. If your reasons don't seem very concrete think about the feelings you have during sex or when your partner approaches you sexually. The word love is used so frequently to describe such a wide variety of things that it has almost lost its meaning. I believe that love is also an action. Rather than shouting and screaming at my children, I provide discipline that they can understand and learn from.

If you have good reasons for having sex, you can use these reasons to examine and influence sexual desire, and sometimes have 'decision driven' sex, rather than 'desire driven' sex.

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