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The results for males just started coming in yesterday. One of our blog subscribers was kind enough to allow me to use his results. First, you can see how much Neanderthal you carry.

Ok, so no more Neanderthal jokes about your brother-in-law. You can also see the division of your ethnicity. The second half of his display shows both the y-line and mitochondrial DNA map along with the migration path for the haplogroup.

His mitochondrial DNA is B2g1. Of course, now the questions begin, and there are already a lot of them. I sincerely hope this is simply a delay in development and that this will be addressed shortly. We need this information on our home pages. And for autosomal of course, there are lots of questions about reference populations. National Geographic released some additional information today about both Version 1.

National Geographic says that participants will receive their results through a newly designed, multi-platform Web experience. "Houston speed dating pictures genealogy dna national geographic" addition to full visualizations of their migratory path and regional affiliations, participants can share information on their genealogy to inform scientists about recent migratory events.

Results also can be shared as an infographic for social platforms. Already, project results have led to the publication of 35 scientific papers, reporting results such as the origin of Caucasian languages, the early routes of migrations out of Africa, the footprint of the Phoenicians in the Mediterranean, the genetic impact of the Crusades and the genetic origins of the Romanian royal dynasty that included Vlad the Impaler.

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New to the second phase of Genographic, the project will invite applications for grants from researchers around the world for projects studying the history of the human species. Sample research topics could include the origin and spread of the Indo-European Houston speed dating pictures genealogy dna national geographic, genetic insights into regions of high linguistic diversity such as Papua New Guinea, the number and routes of migrations out of Africa, the origin of the Inca or the genetic impact of the spread of maize agriculture in the Americas.

Efforts supported by the grants include the creation of teaching materials on the ancient wisdom of the Chuj in a Maya community in Guatemala and the revitalization of indigenous languages in Nepal, India, Taiwan, French Polynesia, Mexico and Bolivia.

In the first GenoThreads project, high school students in Switzerland are sharing their results with those halfway across the world in Singapore. The Genographic Project serves as an unprecedented resource for geneticists, historians, anthropologists and citizen scientists.

Genetic genealogists are not a patient lot, albeit from the best of motives. We want to see our results, sooner than later, and we want to play with them. We want to upload Houston speed dating pictures genealogy dna national geographic to Family Tree DNA and have them integrated with the rest of our DNA tests and information, available to use — one stop shopping.

We want to download them to our computers and use them in a myriad of ways. We want to see if we gained branches, or twigs, on our haplotrees. We want to see who we connect to, and how closely. We want more project members. We want matches where we have none and more where we have some. We want to know if we are Neanderthal or Denisovian, and how much. I know, we want, we want, we want.

Exciting tidbits arrive periodically, whetting our appetite. We already knew that the Y-tree had to be rebuilt during vetting Houston speed dating pictures genealogy dna national geographic the Geno 2. So glad such wonderful discoveries are being made, but so impatient to see what they are.

Maybe we should add a dose of patience to the things we want……Nah. I just hope lots and lots of other people want this too!!!

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This is actually the 9 th year, but a pesky hurricane interfered one year. Max and Bennett are very generous with their time and resources and heavily subsidize this conference for us. Georgia Kinney Bopp said it best. At some point during this amazing conference, someone tweeted an earlier quote from a conversation between Ann Turner and Georgia:. This was ever so true this weekend. Newbies are a good thing. It means our obsessive hobby and this industry have staying power and there will be people to pass the torch to someday.

For those of you who want the nitty gritty play by play as it happened at the conference, go to www.

If you want some help with TwitterI blogged about that too. Twitter is far from perfect, but it is near-realtime as things are happening. This helps break the ice and allows people to put faces with names.

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While Bennett was very low key with this announcement, it was monumental. It has changed its name to Gene by Gene and now has 4 divisions. You can check this out at www.

Through this new division, they are the first commercial company to offer a full genome sequence test. Whoever though it would be a genetic genealogy company who would bring this to the public.

While consumers will be able to order this, if they want, it comes with no tools, as it is focused at the research community who would be expected to have their own analytical tools. Bennett also said that he expects that National Geographic will, in sometime, decide to allow upgrades from Family Tree DNA clients for the Geno 2.

This will allow those people who cannot obtain a new sample to participate as well. However, an unopened vial will be required.

No promises as to when, and the decision is not his to make. The first session was Spencer Wells via Skype from Italy. Spencer has just presented at two conferences within the week, one in San Francisco and one in Florence, Italy.

Of course, his topic was the Geno 2. The first results are in the final stages of testing, so we should see them shortly.

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Sometime between the 19 th and the end of the month. This product comes with all new migration maps. He showed one briefly, and I noticed that one of the two Native Y-lines are now showing different routes than before. The new maps all include heat maps which show frequency by color.

Spencer indicated that the sales of the 2. In total, they have sold more thankits in over countries. They have collected over 75, indigenous samples from more than populations resulting in 36 publications to date with another half dozen submitted but not yet accepted.

Academic publication is a very long process. Nat Geo has given 62 legacy grants to indigenous communities that have participated totaling more than 1. That money comes in part from the public participation kits, meaning Geno 1. Also added to the team is Dr.

This is extremely important because it allows us to read our DNA and determine if we carry the markers reflective of any specific population.

Houston speed dating pictures genealogy dna national geographic we are the recipients with the new deep ancestral ethnicity results which are more focused on anthropology than genealogy. They have used results from both public and private repositories in developing these tools. This type of processing power combined with a new protocol that tests all SNPS in a sequence, not just selected ones, promises to expand the tree exponentially and soon.

It has already been expanded 7 fold from branches of the Y tree to and more have already been discovered that are not on the GenoChip, but will be in the next version. The National Geographic project will also be reaching out to administrators and groups who may have access to populations of interest. For example, an ex-pat group in an American city. Keep this in mind as you think of projects. Several of us were tweeting and the info was coming so fast and furious that no one could possibly get Houston speed dating pictures genealogy dna national geographic all.

The future with Nat Geo looks exceedingly bright. Judy Russell was next. Well, if anyone was up to this, it certainly was Judy. Judy is one of us. That means she actually understands our industry, what drives genealogists and why. In addition to being a lawyer, she is a certified genealogist and a genetic genealogy crazy too.

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Judy has the perspective to help us, not just criticize us remotely. She reviewed several areas where we might make mistakes.