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Pof personality types


I personally have never had an account on any online dating services. I mean, why would I? Fascinated by the rapid evolution of this novel form of mate selection I began to investigate. I want to spend all of my days wooing her and writing her poetry. I Pof personality types a classy lady with big German farmers daughter utters. I want a soul mate with such huge knockers that she can literally smother me in my sleep with them.

He was so young.

Find out what each Fish...

I need someone with some fire, ya know? I want a woman who always keeps me guessing.

I need a chica with some serious issues. I want something aching, destructive and soul scarring. I want to walk on eggshells around her because the least thing Pof personality types turn her into a raving psychotic super Pof personality types. I want to be in love with being afraid of her.

In short, I want a woman like my mother. We were meant for each other. Take me out to dinner and a movie and I might let you come back to my place to do the laundry and a few dishes.

How does that sound Mongo? I mean, seriously, online dating is for losers and broken spirits. Why would I want a woman like that?

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