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The aim of this work is to let people know about the companies track that operate in the region, so they can appreciate the experience of decades and the existing business potential of our state.

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Puebla has a strategic geographical location, job stability, highways and rail connections, transport services, and low cost logistics. Likewise, we are the second state with the largest number of upper education institutions, and we also have low crime incidence.

We are certain that the only way to fight poverty is by generating richness. In this sense, our commitment is to continue creating the conditions that allow us attract and maintain the national and international investment.

El Gobierno del Estado y el Centro Empresarial de Puebla trabajan de manera conjunta para impulsar a las empresas establecidas en nuestro territorio, abrir oportunidades de negocio a nivel nacional e internacional y cristalizar los proyectos de los emprendedores. Conscientes de esta importancia y sabedores de la responsabilidad que tenemos de contribuir al desarrollo y crecimiento de nuestro estado, el Centro Empresarial de Puebla, S.

Solidaridad, manifiesta en el trabajo responsable y coordinado de empresas y empresarios, Gobierno del Estado y el Centro Empresarial de Puebla. Este porcentaje es superior al 2.

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Aware of this relevance and knowing the responsibility that we have in the contribution of our State development and growth, the Centro Empresarial de Puebla, S. Coparmex Puebla in a solid way has joined in this project over most representative brands and companies from our entity, giving out to the world the economical potential we have through the offering of our products and services.

In Coparmex we carry out the principles that shape us which are the mainstays of our identity as Company Union, and this project is not the exception: Solidarity, shown in the responsible and coordinated work of companies and entrepreneurs, State Government, and Puebla Business Center.

During the colonial period, its capital city was consolidated as the second most important city in the New Spain. By the end of the XIX century, the State was one of the first industrialized ones due to the mechanic weaving Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders introduction that favored the textile activities development so from then other areas were strengthened from the agricultural and commercial to the manufacturer, services, real state, educative, and construction among others that nowadays sustain our entity economy.

Subsidiarity, patent in a project including from the largest company in our state to micro-companies that also contribute to the offering of products and services we are promoting. This publishing will approach powerful strategic Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders from Mexico, America, and the world to a new opportunities display in a state with a strong working culture and gastronomy, architecture, and tradition enrichment. This dynamism reflection is the yearly average growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product of 3.

This percentage is higher to the 2. Calientitas pijamas de punto y de franela, surtido en batas y ropa de dormir, coqueta ropa interior de excelente calidad y al mejor precio. Ropa interior, calcetines y pijamas, entre otros productos.

San Martin Texmelucan, Pue. Serve the entire family their dressing needs with quality products at low prices in comfortable and nice facilities, and with a personalized attention. It is a regional brand that covers Puebla and Tlaxcala States; it was founded inand is devoted to the buying and selling of clothes for the entire family. Because they will try as many times as needed.

Due to its regional location in its sale points, it has achieved during these years, the marketing brands positioning, keeping some own brands, and benefitting Puebla and Tlaxcala regions.

Likewise, its CEDIS Distribution Center facilitates the distribution and delivery operations, generating logistic supports that optimize them. Casual youth clothes with a wide range in jeans and trousers, skirts, blouses, and t-shirts, showy and warm jackets and fashion sweaters, nice and sporty pants with sweatshirts, warm woven and flannel pajamas, robes and sleepwear variety, attractive underwear of excellent quality and of best price.

Variety in trousers, formal and casual shirts, and t-shirts, warm jackets and sweaters, comfortable and sporty pants and sweatshirts, suits, belts, and ties, underwear, socks, trusses, briefs, tank tops, pajamas, and bathrobes. Casual clothes in jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and sweatshirts for any time, sweaters and jackets for daily use or college to be comfortable and in style, a wide range in Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders, jeans, and skirts with bright fashion colors, and pants with zipper sweatshirts or jackets.

Colorful range of trousers, shirts, and sport t-shirts, warm sweaters and jackets, truckers and scarves, variety in uniforms, pants and sweatshirts, suits, and ties, underwear, socks, stockings, trusses, briefs, Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders tops, pajamas, and bathrobes.

Bright colors of childlike fashion with a wide range of pants, skirts and dresses, jeans making showy matching to t-shirts and blouses, warm sweaters and jackets with their truckers and scarves, and large assortment of school uniforms, underwear, socks, and pajamas, among other products.

Soft baby clothes, onesies, rompers, woven sweaters, trousers, type pants set, sweaters and warm jackets, underwear, socks, and shoes.

Large assortment in baby furniture and accessories, cribs, strollers, bambinetos, walkers, high chairs, bathrooms furniture, trainers, and the entire line of baby Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders and pacifiers, since the baby is born until the trainer glass and educative toys wide range for the home newcomer.

Table games, tricycles, bikes, riding cars, balls, dolls, and many others for girls and boys. Nos rodeamos pues, de lo que es importante para nosotros y de lo que nos facilita vivir la vida que queremos, para que cuando lleguemos a casa, nos sintamos a gusto. Our homes are full of great stories about us, about what we love and about what we like to do. We surround ourselves with what is important to us and with what eases living the life we want to, so that, when we get home, we feel comfortable.

The BoConcept home is in Denmark, where we have designed and manufactures furniture for almost 60 years. That is our story. The BoConcept history began inwhen two talented Danish craftsmen decided to open a furniture woodshop in the small city of Herning, in Denmark.

Their goal was not only making high quality and appealing looking furniture, but functional and good in relation between quality and price. BoConcept is still designing and manufacturing its furniture in Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders. Our team is composed of designers from Denmark and other parts of the world that share our ambition: There are not frontiers for the excellent design.

The basic need to feel comfortable at home is as important in Shanghai or Berlin, as in New York or Copenhagen. Their products are coordinated, because their range of furniture and accessories are developed as a homogeneous whole, furthermore the prices are affordable in the high design industry. Por otra parte, los camiones de pasaje son de la mejor calidad y pueden transportar de 25 a 45 pasajeros.

En tanto que las camionetas pueden cargar material con un peso.

Mission Fulfill the shareholders and customers expectations by promoting and easing their business profitability through its products. Remain committed to offer the best services and solutions with the best trained, motivated, and integrated staff, reaching an economical stability, ensuring its members livelihood, and promoting the best available product to ease their business profitability.

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Vision Develop and organizational culture which let them strengthen as a leader company in the region, in continuous growing, with services innovation, and cutting edge technology, supported by committed staff. It is Distributor of the Daimler brand that markets Mercedes Benz buses and Sprinter vans, as well as the Freightliner buses brand focused in thorton truck tractors, mixer trucks, to mention some.

Avenida 16 de Septiembre No. In the same way, they Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders PVC and aluminum folding screen for the residential and market sectors, with high thermic and acoustic insulation and with the most aesthetic innovative finishes, as well as unitized facades for great buildings, which guarantee hermeticity, security, punctuality and quality, due to an entire production process under controlled conditions.

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Over time, their achievements have become a great social responsibility, directly employing more than one hundred and forty families. The human resource is constantly trained for the new challenges in the processing plant as well as in technical support, advisors, executives and directives team. The Anglo Mexican Motor, Co. Carretera Federal Puebla-Tlaxcala No. It is a leader company expert in solving the needs of freight and passenger in the center and southeast zones in the country.

Since 11 years ago it covers the transportation need in Puebla, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, and Oaxaca. Volkswagen Saveiro, Amarok, Transporter and Crafter sale, and Camiones y Autobuses MAN with adaptations for the urban, foreign, and staff transportation, ambulances, dried box, beverage vehicle adaptations, refrigerating body adaptations, volt trucks, gas pipe, materialist platform, drive and lifting cranes, five-axle heavy duty semitrailer, among others.

Cyma Motors is the result of 90 years of experience in the auto transportation industry. Its origins date back to Red Auriga consortium started by the first busses marketing company in the Mexican Republic: At the Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders of the XXI century, new expectations in the auto transportation market were opened, so in order to face them, Cyma Motors was created as a multiple busses, automotive, spare parts and general machinery merchandiser, keeping the same name due to the Cyma Veracruzana reached prestige after 52 years of excellence in the service and endorsed by the Cummins and BOSCH brands.

It also has a conversions workshop specialized in commercial vehicles where the required adaptations for the touristic and executive, public, staff, mobile laboratories and special transportation projects are carried out. In the vehicle fleet of Puebla state at least Volkswagen and MAN units are found in urban routes, and over units approximately Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders service to the Volkswagen assembly plant.

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In the state of Veracruz around freight and passengers units can be found, and over 10 thousand units are on road in all the country. The technology and intelligence in the units design give as a result a major security and comfort at driving, and generate less operational Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders, thus less cost in the services and spare parts. Units of over 8 useful life years show a proven long lasting span, as today keep on working with its original motor without major adjustments or repairing needs.

Likewise, the efficient vehicles have the lower fuel consume on its type, their motors give the best kilometer performance. The acquiring of a Cyma Motors unit has the guarantee and service at their site, as well as integral preventive maintenance and remedial plan. Their staff is integrated by specialized professionals, endorsed by the brands that provide with the best quality, environment commitment, services comfort and economy, as well as in the fuel consume.

Some of its customers are: En todos ellos, los equipos juegan un papel importante en el acopio de refacciones o repuesto durante su vida y mantenimiento. DICOFASA started business in capital Puebla, as headquarter to assist the whole national distributors and collaborators network placed strategically in states with the most industrial and developed infrastructure, demanding of the products and equipment the company market, supporting with service and technical assistance from the highly trained staff and backed by the represented.

Products DICOFASA as star product represent and distributes exclusively in the Mexican market, centralized lubrication systems of NORTEK brand, complementing it with other representations that allows the offering of a complete project, supported "Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders" technical assistance, training in the products choosing and handling, which at the time are backed by a large stock in its depots for the customers reliability in Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders expansion, development and growth projects and drafts.

For the oleo hydraulic systems and pneumatics; DICOFASA represents, markets and distributes exclusively globally recognized peripheral products in the country and exports to South America the direct or indirect ones demanded by its national customers.

All products can be consulted in Mexico and visualized through the webpage www. All the marketed equipments for the lubrication systems, oleo hydraulic and pneumatics are complemented with a large stock and availability of millimeter pipes in carbon steel NORM-EN phosphate, white galvanized, copper, stainless in DIN Norm and hoses with their connections, approved by quality and origin certifications, which has placed DICOFASA as the first option in the national market for its customers.

Supported by the represented, DICOFASA staff offers his customers products, service, project development, assistance with quality and responsibility, with the target of achieving the entire satisfaction and being the best user option in each requirement.

In all of them the teams play a decisive role in the gathering or replacing of spare parts during their life and maintenance. The effort is based on the national market needs, having as a star product the lubrication systems and oleo hydraulic peripherals, with specialized technical and personal service.

DICOFASA from the first years has been present and has participated in projects developed and implemented by its customers in the diverse industry types, in the government sector as in the small, medium and large private sector, and in all states of the Mexican Republic with the exportations done during its development, through Engineering, Projects, Maintenance and Production Departments, and through the Acquisitions Departments.

Productos Kimberly Clark Profesional: Sin lugar a dudas, se trata de una empresa que ha estado siempre a la vanguardia, lo que ha impactado en su crecimiento y en el lugar que ocupa en su ramo: Jardines de Santiago, CP. JR Paper is a company which since its beginnings in has been devoted to the distribution of integral cleaning and hygienic prestige brands.

The personalized and professional service the director and collaborators offer have placed it among the national market leaders. Currently, JR Paper has its regional office in Puebla and distributes the international brands: It is a line of dispensers, soaps, tissues, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, and other products that offer the user a comfort experience due to its products quality.

It is a products line made up by towels and wipes designed for the cleaning of tools, mechanic workshops accessories, automotive boutiques, restaurants, carpentries, and even home.

It should be noted that since the beginning of its activities, JR Paper has firmly bet for its closest employees and collaborators continuous development, thus one of its mainstays is definitely the training focused mostly on the high quality service offering. It is the first products line for institutional restrooms made in Mexico with onehundred per cent recycled fibers.

Without any doubts, it has been a cutting edge company which has impressed for its growth and the place it occupies in the sector: Mission To professionally and efficiently provide with integral cleaning products for the Cedula museografica de la cultura arabe sexual offenders institutional market, creating long term commitments, based on communication, confidence, quality services, and customer assessment to fully satisfy their needs.

To be leaders in the National institutional market though its service and innovations with quality products and competitive price. Presents a range of the highest quality products such as institutional. Mexico Copings PermaChef PermaChef is a leader company devoted to the garment within the gastronomic industry in Mexico, has a more than 20 years track in the market, dedicated to dress the chef with excellent quality products design and manufacture.

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