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College hookup gay republicans suck song


But the social issues kill me — gay marriage and abortion. Do you think College hookup gay republicans suck song you might endorse somebody again? I'm always happy to hear someone self-describe as fiscally conservative and socially liberal. That's like 90 percent of the way to being libertarian. As for Ben Carson, Kid Rock would do well to note that the good doctor is staunchly anti-abortion and against gay marriage too.

He supports medical marijuana though not recreational use and supports driving down the blood alcohol content for legal driving to 0. We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason.

The anti-gay songs date from...

We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. Don't you have Jack Burton "College hookup gay republicans suck song" You have neglected the year-old Duke porn starlet. I don't know why you'd neglect a teenaged porn starlet, but this you have done. This porn star goes to Duke! Getting a degree from Duke is, like, nearly as good as being waitlisted by Brown. Jesus fuck that came out in A fucking Kid Rock song is almost 20 years old. I need to go get drunk.

Don't do it, Epi. Being drunk is the only thing that makes it possible to endure a Kid Rock song. I'll get stoned instead and listen to Hawkwind while watching Tim and Eric. Thanks for looking out for me. The Last American Hero 2. Don't worry about Ben and his 0. There's enough congress critters in the pocket of Big Mouthwash to keep that measure off the table.

Certified Public Asskicker 2. Here you go American. For when teh Gheys come for you. Yep, that's what's bothered people for the past 20 years. It's just the activist judges that rub you the wrong way. Neither is "we got other big problems to address" as that would criticize the SSM supportrs for making it an issue for twenty years. It can be a constitutional crisis that it had no legal recogntion or it is not an important issue. It cannot be both. Socially liberal, or socially liberal and willing to not use the force of government to enforce your views?

You might be down with transgender people and Iggy the black pretender! Most of these issues have very little "social" impact. I won't be considered as "social liberal" for opposing hate speech laws and arbitrary laws against smoking and vaping, even though they affect society is much deeper ways. It means believing that people should have the same legal rights and opportunities regardless of irrelevant personal characteristic.

Many liberals don't reflexively believe that government is always evil, so don't have a problem using it when the private sphere fails to address these aims.

Well that's not what you believe. You believe that some people have a right to the productive capacity of other people. Whenever the private sphere fails to do what the government wants it to do, the government must act. The progressive ideology in a nutshell. It's not written in any stone that societies should be forced to live with the consequences of a laissez-faire market. Just in the silly books you guys read. So it's not written in stone that societies should be forced to accept the consequences of not being forced?

The free market is the people, the more government you inject into it the more of a biased imbalance you crate that in no way reflects the society.

I knew you were a closet ditto head. Black delegation accepts the white delegation's offer to claim Colin Powell I second the motion that the Big Tent is mostly full, and that in the meantime Kid Rock should College hookup gay republicans suck song free to wait in the other College hookup gay republicans suck song over there with Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, the people who seem to have gotten lost on the way to a Star Trek convention, Michael Hinh, those 5 guys from Occupy Wall St who want to 'End the Fed' but still aren't sure what it is, and the League of Bazooka-Owning Weasel Farmers.

I like Kid College hookup gay republicans suck song. I like that he's not afraid to experiment with his music and doesn't really care what anyone else thinks. Eggs Benedict Cumberbund 2. God i love King Crimson My brother and i ate mushies and blasted In the Court of the Crimson King out of my house for 4 hours also you may enjoy Camel if you havent heard them already look up the album "I can see your house from here" or "Moon Madness".

That could mean anything but probably not conservative, especially given that he endorsed Romney and Likes Ben Carson. To me it means he's a "borrow and spend" instead of a "tax and spend". This Week in Double Standards. Last week, the judge convicted two German-Palestinian men of attempted serious arson against a synagogue in the city, along with a juvenile accomplice. Being a libertarian means responding to the proverb "You are the company you keep" with "ad hominem fallacy College hookup gay republicans suck song So I take it you're willing to recognize Stalin and Pol Pot as your 'company' now based on your ideology?

Quite the company you keep there. Libertarians hardly have the laundry list of monster fellow travelers unlike your tribe of communist murderers.

This is a list of...

While I understand the appeal of the term's rhetorical elegance it makes an excellent parallel with fiscally conservativeis "socially liberal" really even a thing anymore? I mean, are there any actual liberals who would logically be considered "socially liberal"? It really doesn't seem so to me. At this point, the left has pretty much drank and absorbed the progressive kool-aid.

And how someone could square "socially liberal", at least as libertarians mean it, with the modern progressive perspective is beyond me.

Modern progressive social views are as, no, more prescriptive and dogmatic as anything you'd see on the right unless you delve into the Santorum fever swamps. Is it a term that's just lost its meaning, or just a calling to a larger principle?

Since there are still people fighting against the rights and dignities of minorities and to impose Jesus on schoolchildren, etc. And I'm responded to by Exhibit A of what I"m talking about. Here we have a first class douchebag eager to impose his preferences on anyone who disagrees with him by force of law, taking up the College hookup gay republicans suck song of College hookup gay republicans suck song liberal". And as far as the overwhelming majority of the public would recognize, when libertarians call themselves "socially liberal", Tony is what comes to their minds.

Everybody wants their will enacted in society, even you guys.

It's called having a political viewpoint. Saddling the country with what you call "freedom" would require far more radical impositions of government action than whatever I want to do. If your will is to steal, kill, rape or worse that is illegitimate. If your will is to not have those things done to you or others, that is legitimate.

Libertarian freedom requires more government action that the childish emotional fantasies of Tony wishing for the state to fulfill the role of parent. This, children, is what we call a contradiction. Actually, it's what you call College hookup gay republicans suck song sockpuppet that is being deliberately inflammatory to get you riled up and responding to it. I don't get riled up at this stuff, I mostly just take potshots. Note the constant use of infantilizing terms, because ultimately I view Tony as more of an overly emotional child than a matured adult.

In fact, you know who I kind of miss? Actually intelligent adult leftists. I miss the old academy Marxists who knew their shit and could actually argue somewhat. You're never going to see that type again. Anyone intelligent enough to be like that has seen enough evidence of the bankruptcy and horror of the end result of Marxist philosophy that the only ones left are the irredeemably stupid or utterly mendacious or both.

White knighting for the second most blatant and persistent troll account to ever grace the Reason comments section is kinda why people think you're an asshole and a troll yourself, Bo. No hes a sockpuppet, to be a troll he would have to be not emotionally invested in his argument. "College hookup gay republicans suck song" and Bo both believe this shit, so they are sock puppets of the regime.

Mandalay is a troll and does not actually believe in progressivism but comes here once in a while to spout catch phrases and pick fights because he gets off on it. My ideology allows for yours to exist freely, yours requires me to be violently compelled to do things your way.

Minorities don't have rights, individuals do. Though I have no doubt that you believe 'rights and dignities' include forced association, hate speech and theft. And of course, to steal a line, the smallest minority is the individual. Negating individual rights for the sake of collective ones directly contradicts the concept.

It makes him happy when force is used on people he doesn't like. Because sometimes you need songs that aren't about hetero love.

And it is Trump country,...

It's a playlist of mostly queer, gay, or bi people singing songs about love — same-sex love, in particular. . BEING IN HIGH SCHOOL SUCKS.