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Minister louis farrakhan on homosexuality and christianity


Fard Muhammad on July 4, Inthe core membership was estimated to be between 20, and 50, After Fard disappeared in Junethe Nation of Islam was led by Elijah Muhammadwho established places of Minister louis farrakhan on homosexuality and christianity called temples or mosquesa school named Muhammad University of Islamfarms, and real estate holdings in the United States and abroad.

There were a number of splits and splinter groups during Elijah Muhammad's leadership, most notably the departure of senior leader Malcolm X to become a Sunni Muslim. After Elijah Muhammad's death inhis son, Warith Deen Mohammedchanged the name of the organization to " World Community of Islam in the West " and twice more after thatand attempted to convert it to a mainstream Sunni Muslim ideology.

Sinceunder Farrakhan, members have been strongly encouraged to study Dianeticsand the Nation claims it has trained 1, auditors. According to Muhammad, Fard trained him daily for nine months, then less frequently for about two years. In Mayshortly after naming Elijah Muhammad Minister of Islam, Fard disappeared without notifying his followers or designating a successor.

Muhammad asserted that Minister louis farrakhan on homosexuality and christianity had selected him to be his successor and trained him "day and night" for three years. He argued that Fard was God incarnate, and that Fard had revealed this to him alone.

He prevailed over his rivals as leader. Upon his release inElijah Muhammad slowly built up the membership of his movement through recruitment in the postwar decades. His program called for the establishment of a separate nation for black Americans and the adoption of a religion based on the worship of Allah and on the belief that blacks were his chosen people.

During this time, the Nation of Islam attracted Malcolm Little.

While in prison in Boston for burglary from toLittle joined the Nation of Islam. He was influenced by his brother, Reginald, who had become a member in Detroit. Little quit smoking, gambling and eating pork, in keeping with the Nation's practices and dietary restrictions.

He spent long hours reading books in the prison library. He sharpened his oratory skills by participating in debating classes. Following Nation tradition, Elijah Muhammad ordered him to Minister louis farrakhan on homosexuality and christianity his surname, "Little", with an "X", a custom among Nation of Islam followers who considered their surnames to have been imposed by white slaveholders after their African names were taken from them.

Malcolm X rose rapidly to become a minister and national spokesperson for the NOI. He is largely credited with the group's dramatic increase in membership between the early s and early s from to 25, by one estimate; [23] from 1, to 50, or 75, by another.

InLouis Wolcott joined the Nation of Islam. He was given his new name, "Farrakhan", by Elijah Muhammad. Infollowing the assassination of Malcolm X, Farrakhan emerged as the protege of Malcolm. Like his predecessor, Farrakhan was a dynamic, charismatic leader and Minister louis farrakhan on homosexuality and christianity powerful speaker with the ability to appeal to the African-American masses. At the time, Nation of Islam was founded upon the principles of self-reliance and black supremacy, a belief that mainstream Muslims consider heretical.

Mohammed's leadership, the Nation of Islam decentralized into many bodies of followers led by many different leaders. This made it hard to track the exact number of NOI members, but it is estimated to have been in the tens of thousands. InFarrakhan resigned from Wallace Muhammad's reformed organization. Farrakhan traveled across America speaking in cities to gain new followers.

Over time, Farrakhan regained many of the Nation of Islam's original properties.

Controversial Nation of Islam Minister...

There are now mosques and study groups in over American cities attributed to Farrakhan's work as a leader. Estimates of the number of marchers were betweenandUnder Farrakhan's leadership, the Nation of Islam tried to redefine the standard "black male stereotype" of drug and gang violence.

Meanwhile, the Nation continued to promote social reform in African-American communities according to its traditional goals of self-reliance and economic independence.

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Under Farrakhan's leadership, the Nation was one of the fastest-growing political movements in the country. In order to strengthen the international influence of the Nation, Farrakhan attempted to establish relations with Muslim countries.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in and had a near-death experience in due to complications. After that, Farrakhan toned down the politics of NOI and attempted to strengthen relations with other minority communities, including Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.

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On May 8,Farrakhan publicly announced his embrace of Dianetics and has actively encouraged Nation of Islam members to undergo auditing from the Church of Scientology. Since the announcement inthe Nation of Islam has hosted its own Dianetics courses and its own graduation ceremonies. At the third such ceremony, which was held on Saviours' Dayit was announced that nearly members of the organization had undergone Dianetics auditing. The organization announced it had graduated 1, auditors and had delivered 82, hours of auditing.

The graduation ceremony was certified by the Church of Minister louis farrakhan on homosexuality and christianity, and the Nation of Islam members received certification. He stated that, "[t]he unfolding story of the Nation of Islam and Dianetics is bold, [i]t is determined and it is absolutely committed to restoring freedom and wiping hell from the face of this planet.

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