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Indie hipster dating site


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I'm just not meeting anyone in real life, so I've been meandering around this online dating thing for a bit here for a few months it's been a hot second since I messed around with the online thing and I'm not finding much of anything.

What's your go-to app for meeting like-minded guys? Not that I don't go to the gym, or occasionally like camping, or am not working on my career Not really what I'm looking for. While I can't comment on how good or effective they are, there are dating sites dedicated Indie hipster dating site alternative people, i. Would your best bet not be trying to find a woman attending the same events as you in meat-space?

I'm not really into kink Def not a sub, haha!

What are the odds of anyone on it here in the U. I can see that. I've got some stuff I'm into more than other stuff I just consider them fetishes I had a FetLife profile for a bit a Indie hipster dating site back but no one seemed interested in me.

I'm not really into the bondage stuff specifically Indie hipster dating site seemed to be a lot of it, and the women on there were mostly doms and I'm definitely not submissive. Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Indie hipster dating site that, but I found very few people attractive on there. FetLife isn't exactly meant to be for dating, it's actually designed to discourage it's use that way, although there are forums on it if you are looking for a partner.

It's supposed to be a kinky Facebook, for social networking and learning. If you use it to look up local events it is a good way to meet people. That's pretty standard for men on that site.

Dozens of guys post on the forums looking for women, and the women who are Indie hipster dating site that site and looking for a partner are Indie hipster dating site in the minority because that's not the purpose of the site, plus they get bombarded by messages from men I know this from experience.

Attending fet community events may have yielded you better results, but I agree with a poster below, many of us needed to retire our rainbow hair, piercings, and wild outfits when we joined the workforce, at your age you're looking for the rare woman who a is single, b could maintain that lifestyle and c still make enough of a living to survive. Your search is going to be significantly more difficult than guys who are open to all types of women.

There are sites beyond altscene, but you'd have to do a Google search for alternative dating sites, I can't recommend any off the top of my head. Basically, there isn't a venue left to try and meet single women aside from Tinder, and the ever dying Ok Cupid Fetlife isn't for dating, alt. You come across as condescending and a little angry, maybe that's coming across in your profile. Rather than staunchly stating you have nothing in common with 'normies' and that you're lowering yourself to swipe right on them, have you considered looking for a middle ground on which to meet?

Branching out and taking up a new hobby related to what you're already into? I'm seeing meetups in your area for metal and for indie arts. Or maybe what you're looking for a mythical hunting ground saturated with hot older scene girls who would be into you doesn't exist where you live and you need to relocate. It's been really difficult finding guys who are into the same scene musically or artistically via online sites.