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Kijiji casual encounter


Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results "Kijiji casual encounter" to 30 of I always get the same guy who claims to be straight and offers Kijiji casual encounter a nude massage, but "nothing sexual cuz I'm str8 bro, I just like to give dudes rubdowns" Have hooked up with a couple bishes though. Sponsored Animal PM Log: I would like to know too op srs i've always been curios as to what would happen if I posted on there lol. W moich zylach plynie Polska krew. Originally Posted by tyrek Originally Posted by pavchaos.

Be safe bro, lot of weirdo's out there. Originally Posted by wood. For me it's always been alot of dudes offering BJs and the occasional girl The attractive ones Kijiji casual encounter post, but they do seem to cruise the ads and reply sometimes. I responded to Kijiji casual encounter ad, she told me she got like replies. But for some reason she chose me and within an hour was driving to meet up with me. We fooled around she was older than me, I would do it again.

But I rather it be a girl I meet in person rather than online. This site is also like CL, probably 2 in activity. With CL you are more likely just to get spam. F-ck, I have a funny azz story about this. I didn't know what CL was a while back and was trolling it while working. I saw a picture of some dude and his GF on there and with a message saying "We're looking for a "Kijiji casual encounter" guy to add to the mix, must be bisexual or bi-curious" Now, don't get me wrong, his girl was f'ing hot at least her pic was but I really don't like the penor.

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It's simply not for me. However, this was my first time on CL so I said, "I gotta know if this is for real". I emailed from my work email back and forth with the guy for about 10 times.

I was really just wondering if this sh-t was for real and as it went along, I started to figure out that they were serious about bringing Kijiji casual encounter into the mix. I ended up putting his email on my blocked senders Kijiji casual encounter and called it an interesting day. The next day I came in to work and I guess someone had read my emails to and from this guy. I tried explaining, but my words were useless. I just threw my hands up and said fuk it, if they want to think I'm gay, then so be it.

Further than an online dating...

Lesson learned, be careful what emails you send from your work computer. It may bite you in the ass.

If you wanna see something disgusting on craiglists, make a fake post as a female looking for married men for NSA. Did it once back in HS with friends for laughs, your mind will be blown by Kijiji casual encounter many responses you get. Originally Posted by TinaBee. I've posted a couple times for the lulz.

If you've ever posted on...

Within 24 hours, I had over replies. Never met anyone, usually don't even respond to any of the emails.

Some of the responses are unbelievably creepy. Originally Posted by RandomMisc. Originally Posted by boilermaker Originally Posted by Baru. Originally Posted by beaucephus. Hell, even if you post as a chick and specifically state that you Kijiji casual encounter mess with anyone who's married or in a relationship, you still get dudes telling you they're married and "looking for some fun. Youd be surprised how many replies they got. Ive talked to two or three girls and everyone of them was surprised at how many responses they got.

Their email was so full they had to delete the ad. I call fraudin on "Within 24 hours, I had over replies. The interwebz making infidelity convenient.

Originally Posted by Pad I'm not sure how clever you think you are, but it's clear that you're gay. I was accosted by a beast of massive proportions on an apparently very strong dirty bulk.

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