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Fatty erotica

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Something about her really made me curious. I swung round to see that Annie, his mum, had followed me up the stairs. All of a sudden we were rushing to her bedroom.

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She slowly unbuttoned her purple lace "Fatty erotica," a button at Fatty erotica. For some reason, all it did was turn me on even more. Annie had another Fatty erotica, she reached into her bed side drawer and pulled out a long whip with 6 tails on it!

This whip was not for the faint of heart, she places the ends of the whip in her hand and stretched it out in front of me. She told me she had wanted to use this on me for a long time and dreamed about taking control of me. The lingerie was a deep rose red that flowed down her body, gently easing her fat rolls.

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She angled her head back and put her heavy arm around me as she started to undress me, Fatty erotica was in full control of my body because she was so strong. She slowly slid lower and lower down onto the floor. She took my pants off and knelt near my hard cock. I grabbed her by the head and pulled her mouth onto my cock. She gagged and dribbled down my testicles. Her mouth was so warm and so soft compared to the other people my age I have slept "Fatty erotica." She cupped my testicles and sucks on my penis so hard.

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My penis started to grow again and the cum built up in my ball sack. Fatty erotica stopped sucking and I started to fuck her head. She took her mouth out and licked my balls as if they were big balls of ice-cream. She looked like she wanted to eat them.

A few minutes later, as she yanked my balls I came and blew right in her mouth. She called me a bad bad boy and if Fatty erotica ever came over again she would fuck me as punishment. She then "Fatty erotica" her lingerie off, leaving a major succulent wet pussy opening. The combination of Annie being older, and was heavy something I never expected to enjoy, but now that "Fatty erotica" know what its like, I struggle to have sex that is as good with any one my age, or my size.

My thoughts took on a different form, I wondered in my head what it was like to feed her some food. I want to be a fat feeder.

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