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Sexually suggestive lyrics


It seemed like the wrecking ball was just a metaphor for the costs of emotional vulnerability.

And yet pop lovers everywhere couldn't help but think it was something much Sexually suggestive lyrics. That's because for years, pop music lovers have been inundated by some of the craziest sexual metaphors and euphemisms ever created. From corvettes to milkshakes, we're bringing the most delicious innuendos back to the table.

Here are the most hilariously provocative euphemisms and metaphors in pop music:. This '80s smash brings machismo to a whole new level. This "Sexually suggestive lyrics" actually has many sexual euphemisms, but Gabriel's "sledgehammer" beat out his "bumper car" for the title slot.

The whole thing is pretty graphic. Apparently, his sledgehammer will "open up your fruit cage where the fruit is as sweet as can be. The song charted at No.

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If you ever see 50 Cent in a candy shop, you should probably call the police. When Sexually suggestive lyrics sings about his "Little Red Corvette," he's definitely talking about a joyride, just of a different sort.

It's common knowledge that this song isn't about a car, but it needed to be included because — when it comes to extended sexual metaphors go — nobody can beat R.

In this case, the specific euphemism is R. Kelly's "key" and his partner's "ignition," and it revives Prince's car imagery to the delight of women everywhere.

Starland Vocal Band seems, at first, to be hungry on this song.

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