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Mature orgasm tumblr


He takes what he wants. I just want to watch you squirm, your legs shaking, your pussy dripping… as I pull my fingers away again, like the last twenty times you almost came.

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She had begged him to touch her cunt. Told him that she would do anything for the opertunity. She needed a orgasm. And he said yes! He never says yes! Two hours of cunt punishment. Which was definitely not designed to make her Mature orgasm tumblr want to touch her cunt again. I want my Mature orgasm tumblr to be spanked.

I just want someone to slap it again and again and again, just because they can… and I want an orgasm. To bounce in his big hard cock for as long as she wants. To bounce on as many cocks as she wants. Until she is exhausted and can no longer support her own weight. The cruel reality is however than unless he touches her clit she will never be able to come crashing over the edge.

And there is no chance of him, or anyone touching her cunt tonight. The rest of the party look on, 60 pairs of eyes drilling into her twitching clit. Everyone knows that to touch it would result in being sentenced to 2 years as a denial slave like her.

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Everyone secretly wanting her to reach down and rub her clit, just one touch and they would get to see her pinned down and secured forever in a maximum security chastity belt. But this slave is good. Moans like a slut. It make take the rest of the night before she is too exhausted to keep "Mature orgasm tumblr" and gives herself back up to her minders for 89 more weeks of denial.

So she should be able to get filled up by most of the men in the room. I wanna feel it… I want to clench around it… and see if I could cum from it. God, this has me wet as well!

At first she was reluctant to Mature orgasm tumblr on a show for Sir and his rugby team. But this was her first opertunity to have something touch her cunt in 8 months. So Mature orgasm tumblr soon got into it. The rules were simple, she has to grind for 30 minutes. She cannot use her hands. If she wants to cum in the next 2 months she has to edge at least 5 times. God this makes me so wet.

And trust me, it does. I want Sir to make me edge like that, desperately humping…. Touch yourself, buy toys like maybe a vibe, humping furniture is also fun. Explore what makes you feel good, what makes you cum.

And then… maybe think about not cumming? Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

How did you make your clit pump? All you need is a syringe and scissors. You can follow this manual: Because it makes me wet being told no. She feels him spurt his thick load inside her.

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