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Sexual problems in a marriage


Can sex kill a marriage? Problems in the bedroom can lead to deep dissatisfaction. A marital sex problem is like a canary in a coal mine -- a warning alarm that danger lies ahead.

One spouse controls the frequency of sex: Married couples vary considerably in terms of how much sex they have or don't have.

While studies report that married people on average have sex seven times a month, there is no magic formula that couples can follow to ensure a happy sex life.

12 Common Sex Problems Couple's...

The crucial point is that both partners have to feel good about how much sex they are having and how much control they have over their sex life. If one person takes charge of when and how sex happens, relationship killers like dissatisfaction, resentment and anger can emerge. This can be an insidious problem, particularly if sex is used as a weapon to punish one another.

It's Sexual problems in a marriage toxic if an unresolved grievance from the past is offered up as the reason for the withholding of Sexual problems in a marriage. Once one partner ends up sleeping on the couch instead of the marital bed, the end is probably near. Another insidious problem is using sex as a "treat" to reward the partner for good behavior -- a training method that is better suited for household pets!

The marriage becomes sexless.

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