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Silk stockings photos


It is not edited - it was very wet and foggy and my lenses were covered with that. The Silk stockings photos of light was coming oversudden. So i end up with this 'vaselin plus silk stockings' effect: No mere man can fully understand the power of nylon stockings over women's minds, hearts, and consciences. But a lot "Silk stockings photos" men are busy exploiting this feminine weakness. The only legitimate purchaser of nylon hosiery in the world is the U. No, the stockings aren't "sent to Iceland on lend-lease," as reported in a silly story that was repeated on the floor of Congress.

They travel a much more devious route. Our secret agents overseas discovered that a half dozen pairs of sheer nylons would buy more information from certain mysterious women in Europe and North Africa than a fistful of money. After all, what could the ladies buy with money in the empty shops of the Old World? So several large hosiery mills, which had made no nylons since Pearl Harbor, received substantial orders from Washington; the necessary yarn, they were informed, would be available.

Pleasantly surprised, they turned out the merchandise -- the only nylons legitimately manufactured in years. Nevertheless, enough American women want nylon stockings at any price, in contempt of law, and with callous indifference to our soldiers' needs for other Silk stockings photos goods, to support a sizable black market.

It is some satisfaction to record that the black market operators give the women a merciless stinging. Thirteen cases of raw nylon en route from the Du Pont factory in Martinsville, Va. Accepting the thin story that the nylon was salvage from a warehouse fire, two manufacturers made it up into hosiery. It was spread as far as possible by making the feet and tops of cotton. The Government agents managed to seize 5, pairs of hose before they could be peddled. The sale was to begin at ten o' clock in the morning.

Half of them went away disappointed. Much more intricate was another scheme for black market nylons. A silk mill in Pennsylvania got a contract to convert raw nylon into thread for glider towropes. Part of the raw nylon was systematically snitched, and accounted for in reports to the WPB as "spoilage. When the FBI cracked down, it found 10, pairs of nylons in one "Silk stockings photos," 6, unfinished pairs in another, enough thread to make 36, pairs more.

Four men were indicted. Most patrons of the nylon Silk stockings photos market are stung in two ways: Travelers, and even professional merchandise buyers who should know better, have bought "Mexican nylon" in quantities. Sometimes they have misleading names, such as "carbonyl.

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