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Wiam wahhab wife sexual dysfunction

Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab...

This royal family has no future in Saudi Arabia. Take it from me. This is a pure land with wonderful pan-Arab people. This family distorted this land. Historically, this family was originally Jewish. I believe they are behind it.

They are behind it indirectly.

Wiam Wahhab: If Turkey intervenes...

He takes money from the safe and pays people in cash. He sent a letter to the Syrians, asking them to talk to me, so that I'd stop attacking Saudi Arabia. He doesn't realize nobody tells me what to do. A simple search will throw numerous results. Not really, but due to their background they brought in Jewish beliefs to Islam such as anthropomorphism. I feel sad because some people don't have a logic reason ,just they follow anything according to their Emotions. His internal policy was also good and Despite his religious conservatism he conducted many successful reforms.

Israel still exists, the USA still exists and they are free to kill as many Arabs as they want. Saudi Arabia is still a piece of dog [Edited Out]. UMG ,King Faysal is worth of our respect ,he transformed Saudi Arabia from a backward beduin country to a modern and rich and powerful country. The rulers who succeeded in both internal and external policies are rare.

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