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Dating someone who was engaged


User Name Remember Me? I know this is wrong in many ways; but i need an advice.

A couple of months ago i started dating a girl that is engaged. I liked her for a long time ; but never thought something could happen because she was engaged, then one night we went out for drinks with a group of friends and we kissed and after that we started to go outhaving sex and going out in dates like a normal couple yeah super F-up I know.

She told me she doesn't want to get married; but she doesn't know how to call off the weeding, because she will disappoint everybody and her family will hate her. She told me that she love "Dating someone who was engaged" ; but she doesn't know what to do. I have a lot of feeling for her and don't want her to get married.

Her wedding date is 4 months way Is she playing with me? Should I just forget her? Share Share this post on Digg Del. Last edited by artar; 24th April at Originally Posted by artar. This shouldn't even be a question.

In fact, it should be out of the question. Are you a buffoon? How did this happen exactly and why did it continue? It may be completely irrelevant. You need to tell her you will have no contact with her unless and until "Dating someone who was engaged" is a single female and is no longer with this man.

It isnt fair to him at all and he should know what she is up to. Just the kind of girl you wanna bring home. Why do you even want a woman who would do things like that behind her fiances back? Why did you ever accept this to be something that you were alright with. If she loves you, she will be with you.

She isnt though and you need to open your eyes. She is lying to you, making him out to be the bad guy so she doesnt seem like such a bad person, and you feel bad for her in this relationship because she has lied to you. You cannot go from sleeping with an engaged woman to a married woman. For the love of everything sacred, do the right thing. "Dating someone who was engaged" you tell the fiance or not is up to you, but this woman is NOT on your team.

Help this guy out and let him know what he is getting himself into so he can make an informed decision about marrying this woman in 4 months. If he knows the truth, at least he will be able to decide whether to go through with the wedding or not.

She is fully dating someone else right now you and yeah, he deserves to know the truth about the Dating someone who was engaged he is about to marry. I think that would be fair. Tell him the truth and go NC with either of them after that. This is why I'll never get married.

Most women are so passive they'll flush their lives down the toilet to not hurt someones feelings. My uncles 1st wife married him because she felt sorry for him!