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What does compulsory heterosexuality mean


July 18, by emmagunde.

Compulsory Heterosexuality refers to the idea that heterosexuality, as a default sexual orientation, can be adopted by people regardless of their personal sexual preferences. Rich suggests that heterosexuality keeps women from actualizing their full sexual and emotional capacities by denying them a sexual way of being that is unrelated to What does compulsory heterosexuality mean pleasure. Posted in Adrienne Richheterosexualitylesbiannormssexuality 14 Comments.

This is a great definition. It is one of the founding structures of social life, in our historical context.

All labels like heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, gay and bisexual are products, creations if you will, of a heteronormative society. This incident in Martinsville, IN serves to also underscore the violent characteristics of hegemonic masculinity. Hegemonic, or idealized, masculinity, changes over time and is never completely attainable. Hegemonic masculinity is normative, or An ideal standard or model. Prescriptive what one should do or ought to be rather than descriptive what actually is.

Normative is not the same as normal or average, rather it is a privileged way of interpreting the world in which we live. There is very little room for adolescent leadership, but some of these young people may be perfectly prepared to take on more of the world than they are given.

It is the compulsory secondary education that enforces the same period of development and subordination to adults for every teen. Even then, society makes it almost compulsory once again for students What does compulsory heterosexuality mean get a college degree, which sometimes means growing up, but for many it means extended adolescence.

Reblogged this on fauxmosexuals — it's not just for gays anymore! Despite the contemporary more popular theoretical view that sexuality is […]. Like he made Adam and Eve not Adam an Steve. Rich herself cites an earlier source for the term, a European feminist project Intl Tribunal on Crimes against Women.

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